Afflictions, sorrows, trials

(Henry Law, "Psalms" 1878)

"It is God alone who judges; He brings one
down, He exalts another
. For the Lord holds
a cup in His hand; it is full of foaming wine
mixed with spices. He pours the wine out
in judgment, and all the wicked must drink
it, draining it to the dregs."  Psalm 75:7-8

God's mode of dealing is often wrapped
in mystery.

We fail to understand why one is elevated
to the highest rank, while others seem to
waste their days in poverty, obscurity, and
low estate.

But no misgivings should arise.

It should be firmly fixed in our persuasions
that in all these matters God's hand prevails.

Thus, also, afflictions, sorrows, trials are
all appointed by the same unerring wisdom.

His hand holds a cup which is mixed in
accordance with His righteous will. According
to His good pleasure He causes the sons of
men to drink from it.

But what will be the portion of the wicked?

Let them tremble! They are forewarned that
they must wring out the dregs indignation
and wrath, tribulation and anguish forever!

n. b. Henry Law's devotional commentary on the
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