Salvation turns the soul completely around!

(Henry Law, "Gleanings from the Book of Life")

By nature our course of life is wholly downward.

Every step is deviation from the ways of God.

The back is turned to heaven and heavenly things.

This world, with . . .
  its polluting pleasures,
  its empty vanities,
  its unsatisfying shadows,
  its deceitful pomps and honors,
is sought with blinded zeal.

The daily movement is descent towards hell.

But Salvation turns the soul completely around!

Objects once shunned are now desired.

That is now loved which once was hated.

Former pleasures retain no relish.

The mask which hid the hideous
features of the world has fallen.

The other lords which so long exercised
dominion are now renounced as cruel
tyrants; their yoke is broken, and their
scepter shattered!