For you!

(Stephen Tyng, "Christ is All")

The love of God to guilty man is a love that
passes knowledge. Its riches are unsearchable;
and its extent past finding out.

For you, the heavens have bowed their glory.

For you, the Lord of life has descended to the earth.

For you, the Son of God became the Son of man;
and the possessor of a heavenly throne has been
made the victim of an earthly cross.

For you, this mysterious traveler upon the earth,
was humbled and bruised, has agonized and died.

For you...
   purity was tempted,
   innocence suffers,
   kindness is despised,
   majesty is crushed,
   and all the dignity and glory of
Immanuel is covered with shame.

Jesus did all this just to redeem you from inevitable
condemnation; to save your perishing soul from an
everlasting punishment in hell.