The wretched worm of the earth?

(Thomas Reade, "The Evil of Pride")

"God resists the proud." James 4:6

Pride rules and governs the hearts of
natural men. It is continually in operation.

Pride militates against the soul
humbling doctrines of the Gospel.

Salvation by grace, through faith in the blood
of Christ, is most offensive to the pride of
the natural man.

The idea of being wholly indebted to another
for admission into the kingdom of heaven, is
extremely disgusting to self love.

Such an idea is rejected with disdain by every heart,
unhumbled and untaught by the Spirit of God.

Fallen man needs to have some share in the great
work of salvation, to have something whereof to boast.

But God has declared that this shall not be.

No flesh shall boasts in his presence.

Oh! what cursed pride dwells in the heart of man!

But what will become of proud looks, and proud
pretensions, when Christ shall sit on the throne
of his glory, and render unto every man according
to his works?

Then will the contrite soul, who, while on
earth was trodden down by the foot of pride,
be exalted to the heights of glory!

Then will the proud sinner, once admired and
applauded, be hurled into the depths of hell.

The wretched worm of the earth, inflated
with pride, will sink into endless woe!

"Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty
 spirit before a fall."  Proverbs 16:18