(David Harsha, "Christ Crucified")

Why does the Lord of life and glory suffer?

Why does he endure that piercing agony and
that bloody sweat in gloomy Gethsemane?

Why is he condemned to the death of Calvary?

Look at the crucified Jesus!

Why does he hang on that bloody cross?

Why are those blessed hands and feet nailed to the accursed tree?

Why is that dear side pierced with the soldier's spear?

Why does the immaculate Lamb of God thus bleed?

Ah! believing sinner, it is for you!

For you, Christ endured that indescribable agony in
Gethsemane, and those excruciating pains on Calvary.

For you, the blood trickles down those pale
cheeks, and streams from that pierced side.

For you, the Son of God endures the hidings of
his Father's face, until he is led to exclaim in
the bitterness of his soul, "My God, my God,
why have you forsaken me?"

For you, his last breath is drawn, and
his last cry uttered, "It is finished."

O could you but see with faith's vision, what
Christ has done for you, surely your whole heart
would burn with love to such a Savior, who, to
ransom your precious soul from eternal woe,
shed his own blood! That precious blood was
poured out to cleanse you from the guilt of sin.

Sin, then, was the cause of the sufferings and
death of God's dear Son. Ah! sinner, you have
slain the innocent Lamb of God. You have
caused those wounds on Immanuel's glorious

Your sins pierced him to the very heart!