Weaned and divorced from creature help!

(Octavius Winslow, "Waiting and Watching")

It is sweet to lean upon one we love, hanging
upon his arm for support, and reclining upon
his bosom for sympathy; one on whose wisdom
we can unhesitatingly rely, in whose love we
can confidently repose.

Transfer this thought to God! How unutterable
the blessedness, how vast the privilege, and
how happy the result of waiting upon Him who
stands to us in the relation of our Father and
Redeemer; our Brother and Friend; waiting the
movement of His pillar of cloud; waiting the
supply of His inexhaustible providence; waiting
the comfort of His unchanging love; waiting for
the fulfillment of the word of promise upon
which He has caused our soul to hope!

"My soul waits on the Lord."

There does not exist a more privileged and holy
condition of the soul than that of being entirely
cast upon God. When the created arm fails to
sustain, and the human heart to love; when
earthly props give way, and affection and
sympathy have fled their last asylum; when
the barrel of meal is well near exhausted, and
the cruse of oil distills its last drop; oh then to
exclaim, "My soul, wait only upon God; for my
expectation is from Him." This is a privilege
indeed, a privilege eclipsing all others!

Oh count it the richest experience of the divine life
when, thus weaned and divorced from creature help,
you are brought to wait only on the Lord, exclaiming,
"Now I have no prop, no supply, no sympathy, no
comfort, but that which I find in Jehovah. I am shut
up to Infinity alone; my help comes from the Lord."

The gracious soul hangs in faith upon God . . .
upon the veracity of God to fulfill His promise;
upon the power of God to help him in difficulty;
upon the wisdom of God to counsel him in perplexity;
upon the love of God to shield him in danger;
upon the Omniscience of God to guide him with His eye;
and upon the Omnipresence of God to cheer him
  with His presence, at all times and in all places,
  his Sun and his Shield.

Oh have faith in God! The moment the soul can
believingly repose upon Him, it ceases to be the
sport of every wind and wave of circumstance and
doubt, and drops its anchor on the firm and
immovable bedrock of DIVINITY!