The Sun of righteousness

(Spurgeon, "The Sun of Righteousness" #1020)

"But for you who revere my name, the Sun of
 righteousness will rise with healing in its wings."
    Malachi 4:2

The golden tressed sun is the most glorious
object in creation; and in Jesus the fullness
of glory dwells.

The sun is at the same time the most influential
of existences, acting upon the whole world; and
truly our Lord is, in the deepest sense, of this
great world both eye and soul. He with benignant
ray sheds beauty, life, and joy from above.

The sun is, moreover, the most abiding of creatures;
and therein it is also a type of Him who remains
from generation to generation, and is the same
yesterday, today, and forever.

The 'king of day' is so vast and so bright that
the human eye cannot bear to gaze upon him.
We delight in his beams, but we would be blinded
should we continue to peer into his face. Even yet
more brilliant is our Lord by nature, for as God he
is a consuming fire, but He deigns to smile upon
us with milder beams as our brother and Redeemer.

Jesus, like the sun, is . . .
  the center and soul of all things,
  the fullness of all good,
  the lamp that lights us,
  the fire that warms us,
  the magnet that guides and controls us.

Jesus is the source and fountain of all . . .
   and strength.

Jesus is . . .
  the fosterer of tender herbs of penitence,
  the quickener of the vital sap of grace,
  the ripener of fruits of holiness, and the life of
everything that grows within the garden of the Lord.

Whereas to adore the sun would be idolatry;
it is treason not to worship ardently the divine
Sun of righteousness.

As the sun is the center, so is Christ to His people.

As the sun is the great source of power,
so is Christ to His people.

As the sun is the fountain from which
light, life, and heat perpetually flow,
so is the Savior to His people.

As the sun is the fructifier by which fruits
multiply and ripen, so is Christ to His people.

Enthrone Jesus as the central sun of your hearts.
Bask in his beams, and let Him rule your entire
being; enlightening your understanding; warming
your hearts; filling all your powers, passions, and
faculties with the fullness of his presence. Come
and lay your souls beneath His divine influence.

Come, plunge into this sea of sweetness,
dive deep into this abyss of happiness!