The Spirit

(David Harsha, "The Savior's Ascension")

The Spirit is given to supply the Savior's absence,
and to apply to our souls the redemption finished
on Calvary. It is His blessed work to glorify Jesus;
to testify of Him.

Through His power we are renewed; sanctified;
filled 'with all joy and peace in believing,' and
'abound in hope' of a blissful immortality.

The Spirit reveals the Savior to our souls in a
manner that renders Him exceedingly precious
in our estimation. He shows us....
  His excellence;
  the perfections of His divine nature, as the
    brightness of the Father's glory;
  His power, as the Creator of all things;
  His wisdom;
  His immutability;
  His eternity.

The Spirit exhibits to us....
  the amazing love of Jesus to sinners;
  the wonders of His incarnation;
  the amiableness of His life on earth;
  the spotless purity of His character;
  the unparalleled sufferings of His life;
  the fruits of His death, resurrection;
    ascension, and intercession.

The Spirit shows us His suitableness to our needs
as sinners; points us to Calvary, and whispers in
our ears the cheering truth, that we have redemption
through the blood of Jesus, even the forgiveness of sins.

The Spirit comforts us amid all the tribulations of
earth, by assuring us that our trials are but light and
momentary, by perfecting His strength in our weakness,
by bringing to our remembrance the many precious
words of the Lord Jesus, by communicating to us
the things of God, by lifting our hearts above the
world, and by pointing us to a home of rest and
glory beyond the skies; where tribulation, and
anguish, and death, never come.

Yes, by His divine power thus operating on our minds,
He enables us to look far beyond the present; to direct
faith's far reaching eye to our Father's house, and the
fountains of immortal life, flowing through those 'sweet
fields beyond the swelling flood,' the sight of which
makes us long to be there, that we may see Jesus as
He is, and taste His goodness on the shores of the
promised land.