What a sight!

(David Harsha, "Christ Crucified")

The death of Christ was the most affecting
and solemn scene ever presented to the view
of men or angels.

What a sight! to see Christ on the cross
bleeding for sinners!

How astonishing! to see the King of glory,
whom all the angels of heaven worship and
adore, bow his head in death!

Earth never before witnessed such a sight!

Heaven never before looked upon such a scene.

O my soul, draw near and contemplate it.

Look towards Calvary with the cross erected
in your view, and behold the Son of God nailed
to the accursed tree, his blessed hands, and
side and feet pierced, his blood streaming from
every pore, until pallid death sits upon his
heavenly brow, and he cries, "Father, into
your hands I commend my spirit."