Pilgrims and strangers

(Mary Winslow, "Life in Jesus")

We are hastening fast through time.

Time is short, and eternity, with all
its solemn realities, is before us.

What is our life?  How uncertain!

And yet is it not awfully true that poor
wretched man rushes heedlessly on,
thoughtless of what awaits him in an
endless eternity? We are traveling fast
through this wilderness world, and soon
shall pass away.

Let us, then, feel more like pilgrims and
strangers here. Let us not seek our rest
where our precious Jesus had no place to
lay His head.

Let us rejoice more in the prospect of that
glorious inheritance prepared for us above,
where He is who has loved us unto the death.

Oh, for ten thousand worlds would I not
have my portion here in this wilderness!