Modern manufacturers of gods?

(Spurgeon, "Joy in God" #2550, Romans 5:11)

Many are very busy trying to construct a god for
themselves, such as they think God ought to be.

And it generally turns out that they fashion a god
like themselves, for that saying of the psalmist
concerning idols and 'idol makers' is still true,
"And those who make them are just like them,
as are all who trust in them."  Psalm 135:18

These modern manufacturers of gods make
them blind because they are themselves blind,
and deaf because they are deaf, and dead
because they are spiritually dead.

Some quarrel with God as a Sovereign, and
no doctrine makes them grind their teeth like
the glorious truth of divine sovereignty.

They profess to want a god, but . . .
  he must not be on a throne;
  he must not be King;
  he must not be absolute and universal Monarch.

He must do as his creatures tell him, not as
he himself wills. Their effeminate deity is not
worthy to be known by the name of God!