The doctrine of creature merit?

(Winslow, "The God of Grace")

"Salvation is of the Lord."

Salvation is but the unfolding of the
boundless grace of God to lost, vile,
and hell deserving sinners.

All the religions of men; and their name
is "legion"; are based upon the principle
of human merit.

All are founded upon some 'imagined good
and power' in the creature, the effect of
which is totally to set aside the Atonement
of Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit in
the soul.

In fact, the doctrine of creature merit is
the fatal element of man's religion, the
moral poison of his soul; the remedy for
which is only found in a believing reception
and heart felt experience of the free grace
salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The whole plan of salvation is based upon free
grace, or, in other words, God's unpurchased
favor to sinners.

This idea, of course, repudiates and ignores all
worth and worthiness whatever on the part of
the creature, man.

Human merit, therefore, is entirely excluded
as an element entering into our salvation; the
whole scheme, from first to last, being by grace.

"And if by grace, then it is no longer by works;
if it were, grace would no longer be grace." Ro. 11:6

Christ died, not for saints, but for sinners.

He receives, not the worthy, but the unworthy.

He came to heal, not the whole, but the sick.

He came to call, not the righteous, but sinners, to repentance!

Salvation, from first to last, is of free grace!