Your weeping, aching, languid head!

(Octavius Winslow, "Evening Thoughts")

"I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine!" Song of Solomon 6:3

O yes! you have but one beloved of your heart, dear
believer! He is all the universe to you; heaven would
be no heaven without Him; and with His presence here,
earth seems often like the opening portal of heaven!

He loved you,
He labored for you,
He died for you,
He rose for you,
He lives and intercedes for you in glory!

All that is lovely is in Him.

And where would you lean in sorrow but upon the bosom of your Beloved? Christ's heart is a human heart, a sinless heart, a tender heart; a heart once the home of sorrow, once stricken with grief; once an aching, bleeding, mournful heart. Thus disciplined and trained, Jesus knows how to pity and to support those who are sorrowful and solitary. He loves . . .
  to chase grief from the spirit,
  to bind up the broken heart,
  to staunch the bleeding wound,
  to dry the weeping eye,
  to comfort all who mourn.

It is His delight to visit you in the dark night season of your sorrow, and to come to you walking upon the tempestuous billows of your grief, breathing music and diffusing calmness over your scene of sadness and gloom.

When other bosoms are closed to your sorrow, when the fiery darts of Satan fly thick around you, and the world frowns, and the saints are cold, and your path is sad and desolate; then . . . .
  lean upon the love,
  lean upon the grace,
  lean upon the faithfulness,
  lean upon the tender sympathy of Jesus.

That bosom will always unveil to welcome you! It will ever be an refuge to receive you, and a home to shelter you.

Never . . . .
  will its love cool,
  nor its tenderness lessen,
  nor its sympathy be exhausted,
  nor its pulse of affection cease to beat.

You may have grieved it a thousand times over, you may have pierced it through and through, again and again; yet returning to its deathless love, penitent and lowly, sorrowful and humble; you may lay within it your weeping, aching, languid head . . . 
  depositing every burden,
  reposing every sorrow, and
  breathing every sigh upon the heart of Jesus.