He gave His entire self for us!

(Octavius Winslow, "Evening Thoughts")

It is utterly impossible to savingly know Jesus, and not become inspired with a desire . . .
  to love Him supremely,
  to serve Him devotedly,
  to resemble Him closely,
  to glorify Him faithfully here, and
  to enjoy Him fully hereafter.

And oh, how worthy is the Savior . . . .
  of our most exalted conceptions;
  of our most implicit confidence;
  of our most self denying service;
  of our most fervent love!

When He could give us no more and the fathomless depths of His love and the boundless resources of His grace would not be satisfied by giving us less. He gave us Himself!

Robed in our nature,
laden with our curse,
oppressed with our sorrows,
wounded for our transgressions,
and slain for our sins
He gave His entire self for us!