What are the ephemeral distinctions of earth?

(Jared Waterbury, 'Who are the Happy?')

The Christian sees others successfully pursuing and attaining the wealth and honors of this world.

But he must remember, that while the worldling is receiving his good things in this life, God is preparing something better for him.

It has pleased God, for the good of His people, and in love to their souls, to appoint most of them a lowly lot in life. He has thus exempted them from the 'deceitfulness of riches,' and from many of the corroding cares of this world.

After all, what are the ephemeral distinctions of earth, when the Christian is expecting, after a few revolving suns, to wear a brighter crown than the jeweled toy that rests upon an earthly brow, and to inherit a kingdom richer in resources than all the kingdoms of the world?

All will be well at last!

The bright shores of heaven will be reached in safety, and the redeemed shall forget all its sorrows in the enjoyment of everlasting rest!