F. W. Krummacher (1796 - 1868)

 Therefore, come out from them and separate
 yourselves from them, says the Lord. Don't touch
 their filthy things, and I will welcome you.
        2 Cor. 6:17

There are some things which are inconsistent
with Christian character. What are the theaters,
as they are now a days conducted, but the rallying
points of every kind of worldly delusion and falsehood,
where sin itself is glorified.

What are they, but the propaganda of self deception,
pride and vanity; temples dedicated to sensuality;
decoys of Satan, beset with snares; places from
where everything really holy is derided, or at best,
desecrated and depreciated.

The reigning spirit of such places is frivolity,
materialism, and unbelief.

Participation in the pleasures of the unenlightened
world proceeds from a carnal inclination, and a secret
attachment to the pleasures of sin.

Can a Christian be in his place at such resorts?

Away with that insipid Christianity of modern times,
which is made compatible with all things; that covertly
returns to the world for the enjoyment of every fleshly