What Am I?

James Smith, 1856

If you a believer in Jesus then you are a SON OF GOD; for we are "all the children of God, by faith in Christ Jesus." As a son of God, you are distinguished from the world, you are honored above the world. To you belong . . .
the promises of grace,
the provisions of Providence,
and the prospects of glory.

For you . . .
the throne of grace is erected,
the Word of God is preserved, and
the Intercessor in Heaven pleads.

To you . . .
the glory of God should be dear,
the name of Christ precious, and
the work of God delightful.

By you . . .
the cause of God should be espoused,
the people of God be encouraged, and
the enemies of God should be warned.

You should . . .
walk with God,
work for God, and
expect great things from God.

If you are a child of God then you are a SERVANT OF CHRIST. Jesus died for you to redeem you, he paid the price of your ransom; and, being bought with a price, the one object of your life should be to glorify him.

In your family, you should serve Christ.
In the church, you should serve Christ.
In the world, you should serve Christ.

You should serve Him right heartily, as if it were your delight.

You should serve Him daily, as if it were the object of your existence.

You should serve Him with your purse by giving to His poor, and to support His cause.

You should serve Him with your pen by writing to others of His name, fame, and glory.

You should serve Him with your tongue by speaking of Him, and by speaking for Him.

You should serve Him with your hand by giving the tract, or the book, which tells of His wondrous love.

If you live live for Jesus.

If you work work for Jesus.

If you spend property spend it for Jesus.

If you die die to Jesus.

Living or dying be the Lord's.

Let there be no question upon this point. Act for Christ so that all who know you may be compelled to say, "If there is a Christian upon earth that is one!" Live now, as you will wish you had when you come to die!

If you ever ask the question, "What am I?" answer it by your life, and say, "I am a son of God. I am a servant of Christ. I am, therefore, an heir of glory!"