The True Token!

James Smith

"Give me a true token!" Joshua 2:12

This was the request of the harlot Rahab. Jericho was threatened with destruction; its doom was fast approaching; its danger was now imminent; the spies came to her house, and she received them, for she believed that God would give the Jericho into the hands of Israel. Her concern for the salvation of herself and family was great and natural; her precaution was wise; she wanted a token one which she could trust, which would inspire confidence; she asked it, and her request was granted.

She used a scarlet-colored rope to let down the spies, and they said, "You shall tie this scarlet cord in the window through which you let us down." And she collected all her family together, into her house, "And she tied the scarlet cord in the window." This was to . . .
mark the house,
to remind the spies,
to support her hope, and
to preserve her family.

It was visible, being of a scarlet color; it was useful, being the cord by which the spies escaped. It was the means of the salvation of the family; for when Jericho was destroyed Joshua said, "Go into the harlot's house and bring her out and all who belong to her, in accordance with your oath to her" and they did so.

Now let us improve the subject:
The world is threatened with destruction, as Jericho was;
its doom is fast approaching;
the danger is near and imminent;
we should be concerned for our safety, and the salvation of those connected with us;
we should not be satisfied with a, "Perhaps we may be safe," but should seek, "a true token." The Lord gives such and many possess them.

The life of God in the soul, is a true token of safety. If quickened by the Holy Spirit, if God dwells in us, and occupies our thoughts, engages our affections, and separates us from sin and folly then it is a clear proof that we are the Lord's.

The fear of the Lord, by which men depart from evil, is also, "a true token." If a person fears to offend God, and desires above everything to please Him if, with this end in view, every plan is formed, every purpose executed, and every duty attended to then it is a scriptural evidence of union to Christ.

The spirit of prayer is also, "a true token." If we are taught our need of the blessings God has promised; if we experience the irrepressible desire after them; if we are frequently prompted to retire to pray for them; if we are assisted in pleading with God for them, with fervor, zeal, and importunity, if prayer becomes natural to our souls, like breathing to our bodies; if prayer is . . .
our relief in trouble,
our solace in sorrow,
our delight in joy, and
felt to be our privilege
  then it is clear that we are born from above.

True repentance is, "a true token." By which we mean heartfelt sorrow for sin, because it is an offence against God and grievous in his sight; accompanied with a loathing of sin, and departure from it on account of its filthiness and evil character. Such repentance is . . .
the gift of Jesus,
the production of the Holy Spirit, and
the distinguishing mark of an 'Israelite indeed'.

Faith in Jesus is, "a true token." That is, not only giving credence to His Word but resting upon His perfect work for acceptance with God, looking to His mediation as the only ground of hope and comfort, and presenting and pleading His atoning blood before God for all that we need. Faith always fastens the scarlet cord in the window or sprinkles the doorposts with the blood of the paschal lamb, that the inhabitants may be safe from the sword of justice and the wrath of God.

Love to the saints is, "a true token." Loving them because they are holy, and because Jesus loves them; loving them though poor, afflicted, persecuted, and despised; loving them so as to be willing to do anything for them, for Jesus' sake.

A holy life, flowing from faith in Christ, is, "a true token." If we are united to Jesus, the root being holy we shall be holy too! If Jesus dwells in us He will sanctify us, and we shall . . .
breathe His spirit,
imitate His example,
and aim at His glory!

Reader, have you "a true token?" Is it as visible as the gleaming scarlet and as useful as the cord which let down the spies? Has it secured others, as well as benefitted yourself?

Are you seeking a true token? If so, do not be discouraged. Pray, "Give me a true token!"

Is the scarlet cord in your window?