The Testimony of God

James Smith

"I came to you declaring the testimony of God." 1 Corinthians 2:1

The gospel is not a cunningly devised fable, but the very word of God; it is a divine testimony; a message from Jehovah to man. It comes directly from heaven, and is addressed to us in love.

By the gospel, God testifies to us that we are totally and entirely lost by nature; that there is neither help nor hope for us but in the Lord Jesus Christ; but that in Him is all that we need, or that our circumstances require. He has . . .
pardon for all sin;
a righteousness to justify the ungodly;
peace for the troubled conscience;
life for the dying soul;
holiness for the impure and filthy;
strength for the weak and languishing;
in a word a full salvation for the lost and perishing!

He possesses all the wealth of God. He is able to make . . .
the foolish, wise;
the guilty, just;
the filthy, clean;
the miserable, happy;
the weak, strong;
the diseased, healthy;
the carnal, spiritual; and
the slaves of Satan, the children of God.

Christ is all that God can give! Christ has all that a sinner can need. Having Christ we can need no more; and, if we are taught by the Holy Spirit we can be satisfied with no less.

The gospel testifies that we are welcome to all that the fullness of Christ contains, without money and without price. God has set no price upon gospel blessings, because they are invaluable. He has prescribed no conditions, but given a universal welcome. His words are, "Whoever will let him take the water of life freely." (Rev. 22:17.) And the testimony declares, that believing; Christ, and all He has, becomes ours! We receive Him. We are entitled to all that He has. We are interested in all He has done. His work is reckoned ours, for our justification; it is received as ours, to be the foundation of our hope; and it is pleaded as ours, and forms a prevailing plea with God. It becomes our joy, our boast, and our song, in the house of our pilgrimage.

The gospel testifies that true faith always produces penitence, and leads to holiness. The believing heart and the weeping eye go together. If we really believe we daily repent. We cannot repent of sin unless we believe in Jesus. And we do not believe in Jesus unless we repent of sin. Faith produces godly sorrow and godly sorrow leads to holiness of life. The stronger our faith the deeper our penitence; and the deeper our repentance the holier our life.

Never be satisfied with faith without a broken heart; nor imagine that the heart is broken unless sin is bitter. And if sin is biter to the soul it will be sure to be forsaken. Faith and holiness are indisputable evidences of a title to heaven. Faith purifies the heart and the heart reforms the life.

You have heard the testimony of God, you have read it; but do you believe it? Do you perceive its great importance, and receive it into your heart, as a message of love coming direct from God to you? Do you heartily approve of it? Do you act upon it?

If you reject the testimony, you treat God with contempt!

If you deny the testimony you give God the lie!

If you postpone the consideration of it you manifest the greatest folly!

If you receive the testimony you set to your seal that God is true!

The testimony being sent man is brought to the test. The testimony being rejected the doom of man is sealed. Once more the testimony is placed before your eye, and presented to your heart it is to be received or rejected? Decide!