The Repeal of the Union

James Smith, 1856

This subject in a political point of view, has engrossed the attention, and called forth the energies of millions of immortal beings; but who attends to it in a spiritual point of view?

There is an unnatural, degrading, and destructive union existing between the soul of man and the prince of darkness; between the evil that is in the world and every man, woman, and child, who remains in his natural state. This union must be dissolved or the soul is ruined forever. He who is the friend of the world is the enemy of God. All who serve the prince of darkness are rebels against the authority of the Most High God. The union must be repealed or the soul can never enjoy true peace, or be saved from everlasting woe.

It is by faith, and by faith alone, that we break away from our old connections, leave the service of Satan, overcome the evil that is in the world, and obtain true freedom and prosperity. Faith is believing God's Word and acting upon it. He bids me turn from sin to himself, and promises to receive me. He directs me to view his beloved Son, as a substitute suffering and dying in the sinner's stead to place my sole dependence on him, and promises me eternal life. He calls me away from everything sinful and polluting and promises to be a Father unto me. He tells me to pray, and promises to answer me. He tells me to hope, and assures me I shall not be disappointed. He tells me to obey his precepts, and pledges his Word that he will honor me.

Now faith is . . .
believing the promise and turning to God;
looking to Jesus and expecting eternal life;
leaving the evil practices of the world and calling God my Father;
praying and expecting to be heard;
hoping and expecting to receive;
obeying and expecting the tokens of God's approbation.

Faith is taking God at his Word. It is believing that . . .
he means what he says,
he intends what he promises,
he will make good his Word.

Faith repeals the union with evil. It separates from Satan and sin, and brings us into union with God and his Son Jesus Christ. A believer . . .
listens to what God says,
does what God bids, and
expects what God promises.

Reader, are you in union with sin and Satan? If so, the sooner the union is repealed the better; you have not to wait for an act of parliament but only to exercise an act of faith, and the union is dissolved! Not only so but you are in union with God, who will . . .
pardon your sins,
justify your person,
supply your needs,
listen to your prayers,
conquer your foes,
guide you through this world by his counsel,
and afterward receive you to glory.

Think, pray, determine, and never rest until the union with sin and Satan is repealed.

Believer, in your case the union is repealed; you are no longer in union with sin and Satan but you are one with Jesus, one with God. Your person is united to the person of Christ, your interests are identified with the interests of Christ.

His blood, is your acquittal.

His obedience, is your righteousness.

His entire work, is your everlasting salvation.

His word, is your law.

His example, is your rule.

You are one with Christ. You are being conformed to Chiist, and are destined to dwell forever with Christ! Thanks be unto God for repealing the union! Everlasting thanks for uniting us to his Son!