The Priest on His Throne!

James Smith

Jesus, as the King of Zion is on his throne reigning over his people by right of his ransom, and doing as he desires in Heaven and on earth. But he is not only the enthroned King but the enthroned Priest; and the only priest who has any right to a throne. But his right is unquestionable, and his dignity will be durable. "He shall be a Priest upon his throne!" Zechariah 6:13.

WHAT HE IS. "A Priest." As such, he came into our world to make an atonement for our sins, and put them away forever.
On him, they were laid.
By him, they were borne.
In his person, they were punished.
By his blood, they were expiated.
Through his perfect work they are covered, concealed and cancelled forever.

As a priest he offers up our sacrifices our prayers, praises, tears, broken hearts, our bodies, and our souls. He pleads for his brethren. Pleads his own blood, their new relation to him, and his Father's love to them. He obtains answers to our prayers answers of peace.

He bears the iniquity of our holy things before the Lord and renders them acceptable unto God. He is now in the holiest of all, interceding for us but he will soon come out to bless us, and be glorified in us.

WHERE HE IS. "He is a Priest upon his throne." He is a sovereign priest merit and majesty meet in him; tenderness and dignity are displayed by him. His throne is his own: on his cross he made the atonement, on his throne he makes and publishes laws. He rules over all his ransomed ones, and rules over them as the purchase of his blood, as the objects of his strongest love. He will soon come and reign visibly on earth, when all his saints, from all quarters will be collected and gathered around him. All who surround him will be loyal, and whole-hearted in their service. The good land so long promised will be possessed. The royal city, the new Jerusalem will descend out of Heaven from God, having the glory of God resting upon it.

The RULE of this sovereign priest will be peaceable there shall be no wars. It will be prosperous for in his days shall the righteous flourish, and abundance of peace, so long as the moon endures. It will be eternal for his throne is forever and ever. It will be universal he shall reign from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth.

In Jesus, the office of the priest and the king are united and cannot be divided. He is all that his people need, and will do all that his people require. He will . . .
get rid of their sins,
purify their persons,
perfect their happiness,
and rule over them evermore!

His atonement is the foundation of his throne.
He humbled himself,
took the sinner's place,
died in the sinner's stead, and
procured for the sinner an honorable discharge from all legal obligations.

Therefore God has highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, and every tongue confess him Lord.

The sovereign priest will be most glorious.

His person glorious.

His work glorious.

His offices glorious.

His kingdom glorious.

His subjects glorious.

All about him, and all connected with him will be glorious.

The subjects of this sovereign priest will be all happy. Every cause of discomfort will be removed forever. Everything essential to happiness will be possessed, and possessed forever.

Behind them, they see a long train of mercies.

Before them, opens an eternity of splendor and glory.

Within them, peace and joy reign uninterrupted.

Above them God shines in glory and beauty.

O blessed state! O happy, happy people!

Reader, do you know this priest?

Has he put away your sins?

Has he given you his Spirit?

Is he enthroned in your heart?

Are you living near his throne?

Do you look and long for his glorious appearing?

Is he the object of your confidence, reverence, and love?

He must reign, and put every enemy under his feet. If you therefore are found among his foes when he comes he will tread you under his feet in his wrath, and trample upon you in his sore displeasure!

Resist him you cannot.

Escape from him you cannot.

Be reconciled unto him you may.

If therefore you are not experimentally reconciled to Jesus, if you are not yet at peace with him, in all kindness and love we urge you to "acquaint now yourself with him and be at peace, and thereby good shall come unto you."

Christ by his sacrifice alone,
Has purged away our guilty stains;
And now a Priest upon his throne,
Above the highest heavens he reigns.

He by one offering perfect made
All whom the father set apart;
On him their countless sins were laid,
And all their names upon his heart.

Endless redemption he has wrought,
By an almighty act of grace;
His blood with which our souls are bought,
He took to Heaven, the holiest place.

He reigns until time shall be no more,
To claim the purchase of his blood;
And saves forever by his power,
All who by him approach to God.

He reigns believers to defend,
And all they need will freely give;
Through him our prayers to God ascend,
Through him we triumph and shall live.