Prayer Forbidden

James Smith

"But because of you the Lord was angry with me and would not listen to me. "That is enough," the Lord said. "Do not speak to Me anymore about this matter!" Deuteronomy 3:26

We are sometimes very anxious for what God is not willing to bestow. He will supply all our needs but He will not grant all our wishes. He will give us that which is good for us though He deny us that which is gratifying to us.

Moses was very desirous of entering into the promised land; but the Lord had determined to correct his sin; he had prayed and had been denied; he is inclined to persevere; but the Lord says, "Do not speak to Me anymore about this matter!" Even Moses cannot prevail. Yes, he is forbidden to pray on the subject. So may we, on some points.

Elijah prayed that he might die; David prayed for the life of his child; yet both were denied. So if we pray for health, wealth, ease, or shining gifts then the Lord may deny and yet be faithful to His Word. He never promised to answer selfish or carnal prayers, or to give what would do us harm. Therefore, when we ask for anything not positively promised it should always be in submission to the will of God. He always wills our good, and His love rules over our destiny.

But though the Lord may refuse us some things, and even forbid us to pray for them yet He has promised us enough to satisfy us, if rightly employed. Let it, therefore, suffice you, believer, to live upon the promises of your God; for in them there is enough.

Are you sick? He says, "I will make all your bed in your sickness." He will perform the part of a kind and attentive nurse; soothing your soul while your body suffers, and supporting you under your burden of affliction.

Are you poor? He says, "I am your portion!" The wealth of Deity is yours! God is the portion of your inheritance, and of your cup. He maintains your lot.

Are you weak? He says, "I am your strength." "I will strengthen you." And He will be as good as His Word. He will give strength equal to the day.

Are you tempted? He will with the temptation make a way for your escape. Look to Him, and your refuge is certain. Trust in Him, and deliverance is sure.

Are you friendless? He says, "I have called you My friends." And He will perform the part of a friend. He will counsel, relieve, and comfort you in every trouble and distress; and will never fail you nor forsake you.

Are you bereaved? He asks, "Am I not better to you than ten children, or husbands, or wives or whatever you have lost?" He can fill the void every lost relation, and more than make up for every loss.

Are you aged? He says, "I will be your God throughout your lifetime until your hair is white with age. I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you!"

"Let it suffice you, that I have promised, and I will perform My every promise. If I deny what you ask I will give you something better. I will make all things work for your good. Therefore, do not be anxious, complaining, desponding, or foreboding!"

Thus you see there is enough promised. Enough to support us, comfort us, and carry us safely home! And if we have all we need, ought we not to be satisfied though we do not have all that we wish?

The Bible is the directory for prayer it tells us . . .
to pray for,
to pray, and
what to expect from the Lord.

No one ever had all he desired in this world and yet every Christian has confessed, "Not one Word of all that my God has promised, has failed!" Let us therefore . . .
pray for what our God has promised; and
be satisfied with what He is pleased to bestow.

Remember that, "this is the will of God, even our sanctification." If, therefore, our will runs in the channel of God's will, if we seek our sanctification principally we shall never be disappointed, nor ever hear Him say, "Do not speak to Me anymore about this matter!"