Our Trust is in God

James Smith, 1859

This is a good motto. It is a good profession. But it sometimes requires proof. Trust in God is warranted by his Word, and is needful for us. But we can only trust God in proportion as we know him, as we believe his promise, and as we realize his love. If I know God in his greatness and goodness, as my Creator and my Father then I can then trust him with all, and trust him for all. I shall be persuaded of his ability, and equally persuaded of his love. I cannot trust greatness alone but when both are combined in one person, there is a suitable object of trust.

To trust God aright, I must know his mind, as well as his heart. What he considers it right to do for me, or to give to me; as well as what he is able or willing to do, or give. Now it is from the Bible that I must learn all about God. There he reveals himself, and reveals himself in order to be feared, loved, and trusted.

His justice and holiness excite fear;
his grace and mercy excite love; and
his power and faithfulness draw out our confidence.

Viewing God in Jesus, a sinner may . . .
anything of him,
anything from him,
and trust everything with him.

God loves to be trusted by us, and therefore he always honors the trust of his people. What a blessed testimony is this, "Our fathers trusted in you they trusted and you delivered them."

If our trust is in God, we may be . . .
calm in the midst of storms,
certain in the midst of changes, and
contented in the midst of poverty and privation.

For trusting in God, we shall . . .
be preserved from all real evils,
be supplied with all necessary good, and
find a rock beneath us, when everything is in motion around us.

If our trust is in God we need not fear man, for greater is he who is for us than all that can be against us. If our trust is in God we need not fear death, for death is only departing to go unto our father. Trusting in God, will . . .
nerve us for our duty,
stir us up to pray, and
fill us with grateful praise.

Let us therefore seek grace from God, that we may exercise a steady trust in God, and so in the every day duties, as well as in the trials of life we shall be enabled to glorify his most blessed name. Let us select the precious promises of his Word, which are suitable for our case and condition, dwell upon them, and pray over them until we can exercise strong confidence in them. Let us endeavor so to trust in God, that our trust may not be affected by the ever varying circumstances of time; so that, as we are admonished by the Psalmist, we may, "Trust in him at all times, pour out our hearts before him, and find him a refuge for us!" So shall we attend also to the exhortation of the prophet, "Trust in the Lord forever, for in the Lord Jehovah, is everlasting strength." O believer, trust in the Lord, he is our help and our shield; our strength, and our protection!