Jesus Glorified, and the Sinner Encouraged

James Smith

"Jesus answered them, saying: The hour has come that the Son of man should be glorified." John 12:23

Sinners seldom think aright in reference to themselves, their God, or the Savior. When a man begins to feel his true state, and to see his real condition he immediately begins to think that there is no mercy for him, and he imagines that Jesus will not receive him. It never enters into his mind, that Jesus receives none but such characters as he reveals himself to be or that Jesus can be glorified in his salvation, and is well-pleased to see him weep and pray. But such is the case.

A few Gentile sinners desired to see Jesus; Philip and Andrew tell Him so, and He immediately replies, "Now is the Son of man glorified." If language means anything, this expression of Jesus means, that the coming sinner glorified him. He loves to save sinners it is not only His work but His delight; no one was ever half so much pleased with his employment as Jesus is; it just suits His nature, gratifies His tender loving heart, and increases His pure and holy joy.

He is glorified when poor souls come to Him as sinners, having . . .
nothing to plead but His word;
nothing to appeal to but His mercy;
nothing to present but their sins, and lost and ruined persons.

He is glorified when they come with ardent desires, crying, "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me" desires which none can satisfy but Himself; desires which nothing will meet but a full and free salvation.

Jesus is glorified, when we come to Him as a Savior; to be saved from sin, wrath, and death by His obedience, blood-shedding, and intercession.

Jesus is glorified, when we come to Him as the great Teacher sent from God, to be taught to know, believe, and do the truth.

Jesus is glorified, when we come to Him as the Physician, to be healed of the disease of sin, and prepared to glorify God in our body, soul, and spirit, which are His.

We glorify Jesus, not by doubting His power, willingness, or tender love; but by believing His invitation and faithful promises. He is not glorified by our slavish fears, unfounded suspicions, or guilty shyness; but by our hope in His mercy, our earnest prayers, our steady reliance, our confidence in His word, and our humility before His throne. And when we have found mercy and enjoy peace He is glorified by our grateful love, fervent zeal, prompt obedience, and diligence in spreading His fame.

Jesus is glorified when many come together when great sinners come; when they come who have long delayed, and wickedly refused to come before.

He is glorified when the coming sinner . . .
receives His pardon,
feels in himself that he is healed,
opens his mouth in praise,
runs in the way of His commandments,
fixes his streaming eyes on the cross,

and devotes his entire person to His service.

The salvation of the sinner glorifies . . .
the blood which procured his pardon,
the righteousness which justifies him from all things,
the grace which sanctifies his nature, and
the mercy which pitied him in his lost condition.

Reader, what encouragement is given you to come to Jesus! Do you not see, that in coming, you not only obtain an eternal salvation for yourself but you please, delight and glorify the Savior also?

Are you discouraged? Think of this. Believe this, and your fears will flee, your doubts must depart, and confidence and peace follow.

Have you never come lo Jesus? Do you not need salvation? Can you obtain it without an application to Him? You cannot. Without Him you perish, and perish forever. Come to Him and you live. Stay away from Him and you die in your sins. Come then to Jesus. Come at once. Approach Him, for His throne is before you. His eye is upon you, the word of salvation is sent to you, His hand is stretched out to receive you! And when you fall at His feet and cry from the heart, "Jesus, save me, save me by your grace, save me to your glory, save me for your mercy's sake!" Then He will say, "The hour is come that the Son of man should he glorified in the salvation of the sinner."

Believer, was it not a happy hour, when you first came to Jesus, and found him faithful to His word? Does it not cause your bosom to glow with gladness, to think that Jesus can be, and is glorified in your salvation? What a source of consolation is this "Jesus is glorified in saving me! Jesus was glorified when I came and fell before Him, feeling that I was not worthy to look up to His throne, or speak one word in his presence; when I cried for mercy at his hands, and found Him gracious, kind, and true! And oh! Delightful thought Jesus will be glorified in my salvation throughout eternity! Oh, the pleasure He will feel when the myriads of His redeemed surround Him; and ascribe all their salvation unto Him!"

Trembling sinner, cease your doubting;
Look to Christ, the sinner's friend;
He is now your soul inviting,
To His precious words attend!
Come, poor sinner
Come to me, the sinner's Friend.

I am ready to receive you;
I will peace and pardon send;
Come to me I will relieve you,
On my faithful word depend.
Come, poor sinner
Come to me, the sinner's Friend.