It is Finished!

James Smith, 1842

"It is finished!"
John 19:30

So shouted our victorious Savior, when He had put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself; vanquished Satan; satisfied justice; honored the eternal law; and was about to descend into the grave, that He might abolish death, and bring life and immortality to light by the gospel.

And thus shall every believer shout at length; when we have served our generation by the will of God; suffered all His pleasure; and done all His commands; then shall we shout, "It is finished!"

Suffering is finished, and finished forever.

The conflict within is finished, and finished forever.

The wrestling with principalities and powers, and with the rulers of the darkness of this world, is finished, and finished forever.

Let us meekly resign ourselves into our heavenly Father's hands, and leave ourselves entirely at His disposal. Let us do His will in the strength He imparts, and follow in the path He has marked out for us to tread. The route may be circuitous but the end will be blessed. Our souls may be grieved because of the difficulty of the way but they will be eternally delighted because of the end. We shall "enter into peace." The work of sanctification will be finished and eternal glorification will begin. Let us aim to finish our course with joy, pray that we may depart under the light of the divine countenance, and close our eyes with serenity and satisfaction.

Everything on earth is fleeting, fading, and unsatisfactory! Everything beyond is stable, unfading, and satisfying
rivers of pleasure,
fountains of delight, and
an ocean of happiness
remain to be possessed and enjoyed by us forever!

The present is scarcely worthy of a thought, in comparison with the future. What are trials but short-lived interruptions of our tranquility? What are pains but beneficial potions appointed by infinite wisdom, and love, for our present and future welfare! Holy Savior, conform our wills to Yours; bring us into subjection that we may possess our inheritance, and enjoy the fulfillment of all divine promises and predictions.

But at present we are called to work, to suffer, and to fight; let us endeavor obedient to your will. Fill us with holiness, gratitude, patience, fortitude, hope, and peace that we may glorify you on earth, finish the work you have given us to do, and at length exclaim, as you did on the cross, "It is finished!"

Finished! the last struggle is over, the last pain is endured, the conflict is forever ended! The ties of flesh and blood are snapped asunder, and all the encumbrances of time are forever left behind.

Finished! the gates of glory appear before me; cherubim and seraphim smile upon me, and all the redeemed welcome me to everlasting light and eternal joy. Soon, very soon, will this be the case, poor afflicted Christian! Therefore cheer up, press forward, and in a few short hours you will say, "It is finished!" and all will be forever well!