The Inquiry!

James Smith

"Is it peace?"
2 Kings 9:17

Peace is either agreement with man--or reconciliation with God: the former is important, the latter is invaluable. Peace with God is . . .
external, as proclaimed;
internal, as enjoyed; or
eternal, as promised.

The first is in the gospel,
the second in the heart,
and the third in heaven.

It is in reference to peace with God that we ask the question, "Is it peace?"

Aged pilgrim--is it peace? You have long been pacing the valley of Baca, you have passed through many changes, you are approaching your end; the snows of old age are upon your head, and the wrinkles of care upon your brow--but is the peace of God in your heart? Are your prospects bright? Does the goodly land appear spread out before you? Are your evidences strong? Does faith cleave to the Rock? Does love burn like the fire upon the altar? Does hope hold like the anchor within the pier? Does devotion lead you upward to your God?

You will soon be called to lay aside your staff; to bid farewell to the gloomy desert: your journey is almost ended, and it is important that the peace of God she aid keep your heart.

Tried Christian--is it peace? Your trials, though many, painful, and tedious--are but proofs of your heavenly Father's love! They are sent in mercy--to convince you that this poor world is not your rest. Your
Father's wisdom chose them,
His love sent them, and
His mercy will sanctify them to you!

They may alarm those who neglect their Bible--but they cannot injure a child of God. You are tried--but is it peace? Are you looking to Jesus? He can hush the storm, and still the tempest. He is always near in trouble. Is your eye fixed upon Him? Does your heart repose on His tender love and faithful word? Do you recognize the Lord's hand in your trials? His hand is in them, whether you see it or not. He sends, bounds, and removes them--and it has often comforted the saint to realize that the hand of God is in every trial, trouble, and disappointment.

Do you suffer as a Christian? With patience, with submission, with fear lest you should offend your God. If so, it is peace: all is well between God and your soul.

Young believer--is it peace? You have lately forsaken the ranks of the enemy, and turned your back upon the world? Are you relying simply on Jesus? There is no gospel-peace without this. SELF must be renounced. "Jesus only," must be our motto. Unless we rely wholly and only on Him for acceptance with God; unless we look to His blood alone for pardon, and to His righteousness alone for justification--we cannot enjoy peace.

Are you strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus? He has grace for you, every kind of grace: grace for suffering, and grace for service. And you must live upon the grace that is in Christ--or you can have no stable peace.

Are you aiming to be useful? Happiness is closely allied to usefulness. Activity for God, from love to Jesus--will promote and maintain peace.

Undecided soul--is it peace? How can it be? There is no peace without decision. You must first decide for Christ; exercise faith in His atoning blood; and walk with God and His people--before you can know peace.

Lost sinner--is it peace? Oh, no! A dead calm there may be--but peace there cannot be.

Peace--what, while you love sin!

Peace--what, while you slight the Savior!

Peace--what, while you prefer the world to God!

Peace--what, while you put off the evil day, and continue in your sins!

Nay, "there is no peace, says my God, to the wicked!"

He has no peace in life--his bosom is like the restless ocean!

He has no peace in death--his end is like the midnight storm!

He lives in uncertainty,
in perplexity, and
enters eternity without hope!