Hope Encouraged

James Smith

"With Lord there is mercy!" Psalm 130:7

We often think with the Lord there is justice, there is holiness, there is wrath; but we do not realize this sweet truth, "With the Lord there is mercy." Hope needs encouragement, and here the Lord has provided it. There is mercy with God for sinners, mercy on the ground of an atonement, mercy exactly suited to every case. Mercy in all its fullness deeper than the depths of human guilt higher than the mountains of a creature's sins and broader than all our needs. Mercy in every variety, for every purpose, for every season, for every applicant. Mercy in all its tenderness. God's mercy in Jesus, has . . .
a melting eye,
a mother's heart,
a velvet hand;
has affections of compassion, and
sympathy too deep to be described.

There is mercy with the Lord to receive sinners; it looks out for the sinner's approach, draws him with invitations and promises, welcomes him to a Father's bosom, and bids him not fear but frankly confess and hope.

There is mercy to pardon to pardon fully, to pardon freely, to pardon cheerfully, to pardon frequently, to pardon every confessing soul, to pardon like a God!

There is mercy to introduce to privileges, even all the glorious privileges of the gospel. Such as peace with God, access to God, acceptance with God, the sweet friendship of God.

There is mercy to bless beyond our largest expectations; yes, exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think.

There is mercy and God loves to display it, to display it in the salvation of the vilest of men, in the most wonderful and remarkable manner. He loves to impart it, and to hear the recipient say with Paul, "I obtained mercy!"

He loves to exalt and glorify His mercy, as He does in the salvation of vile sinners; and will especially at the last, when all the vessels of mercy are collected, purified, filled, exalted, and arranged before His eternal throne! Then will mercy shine forth in all its glory, brighter than the morning sun, and lovelier than the lily's tints.

"With the Lord there is mercy," as much now as there ever was, and it is as free as ever; and this is published in order to encourage sinners who have never sought for mercy to seek it. That those who have never come to Jesus, may come; may come at once, may come with confidence and hope.

Mercy comprises all that the sinner needs,
mercy gives all that the sinner wants,
mercy welcomes every one who comes.

None need fear, none need delay, none need stay to inquire, "May I come?" for "with the Lord there is mercy, and with Him is plenteous redemption."

Mercy is designed also to direct those who are coming to bring nothing with them for mercy has all that they can possibly need; nor to be discouraged, because they have nothing to bring for mercy loves to relieve misery, and to supply the needs of the poor and destitute. You poor souls, you perishing souls, you unworthy souls, you doubting souls, you fearing souls fear not, delay not, for, "with the Lord there is mercy," and mercy for you!

Backslider, this is good news for you; there is mercy with the Lord, even for backsliders.

Mercy to pardon your crimson crimes,
mercy to heal your festering sores,
mercy to cheer your drooping heart,
mercy to restore your wandering soul to the paths of holiness and peace.

Do not yield to fears; do not give way to despair your God tells you that there is mercy with Him. The mercy that received you at first waits to receive you again; the mercy that first gave you peace waits to bestow upon you the same blessing; the mercy that assured you that God would never leave you nor forsake you will make good the word. Therefore return unto the Lord your God, and He will abundantly pardon.

Believer, there is mercy with your God to help you in every time of need:
to comfort you in sorrow,
to sanctify your troubles,
to bring you through all your trials, and

make all things work together for your good.

The mercy of God is like Himself infinite, and eternal! It is always on the throne, and reigns through the atonement of Jesus. It may be obtained by every applicant, without money and without price. Hope therefore in God. Hope at all times, and under all circumstances. Hope in His mercy, honors him; but doubts and slavish fears reflect badly on His pity, His kindness, and love. He asks for your confidence. He promises you grace. He forbids your fears. He swears that He will not be angry with His saints, and that He has no pleasure in the death of a sinner; therefore, "hope in the Lord, for with the Lord there is mercy, and with Him is plenteous redemption."