The Holy Spirit

James Smith

Before the Lord Jesus Christ returned to his glory, he promised to send Another Comforter, to abide with His Church forever. This Comforter is the Holy Spirit the Author and Giver of Life, Light, Holiness, and Love. He . . .
convinces of sin,
leads to the Savior,
sanctifies the soul,
opens up the Word to the understanding, and applies it to the heart.

Our deadness, indifference, and carnality is from ourselves; our liveliness, zeal, and spirituality is from Him. Without His presence and power in our congregations, sinners will remain unconverted, professors may "be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin," and believers backslide from God; there will be a lifeless and dull formality in all our assemblies. But if the Holy Spirit is present . . .
souls will be regenerated,
ordinances will be profitable,
and Christians will "grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." We shall . . .
rejoice in God,
mourn over sin, and
be "zealous for good works."

If we realize our need of the Spirit, ardently desire it, earnestly seek it, and believingly expect it our good and gracious God will certainly bestow it. If therefore you would not see the church languish, the world hardened in sin, and your own soul in a barren state; set your heart upon the "renewing of the Holy Spirit."

We can find no substitute for the Holy Spirit; we must be filled with the Spirit, or we shall never be very holy, very happy, or very useful. This is the one thing which the Lord's people now need. This would revive their graces, strengthen their energies, consecrate their gifts, crown their efforts, and make them really useful! We must have more of the power of the Holy Spirit or we shall live in fear, be tormented with doubts, become worldly minded, and "be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin."

If we would obtain this choicest blessing, we would be happy in our souls, and useful in the church. Let us seek this blessing with all our hearts, and at all times. Then we shall . . .
be preserved from evil,
protected in danger,
enjoy peace with God,
"adorn" our profession, and
bring a good report of the Promised Land.

Then . . .
God will be glorified in us,
Jesus will be exalted by us,
the world will be the better for us,
and the church will prize and value us!