Have You a Saving Interest in Christ?

James Smith, 1856

This is a solemn question, for without a saving interest in Christ, there is no salvation. Besides this, it is to be feared, that many take it for granted that they have when they have not. Let us then look at the subject seriously, just for two minutes.

If you now have a saving interest in Christ then you were once convinced that you had not. You saw the vast importance of it. You were stirred up heartily to desire it. Then you earnestly sought it. You perhaps doubted, and feared that you would never obtain it. You were, perhaps, kept waiting, watching, and praying for it. This deepened and strengthened your desire.

At length, Jesus was revealed as exactly suited to you, as willing to receive and save you. Hope sprung up in your soul. You fell at his feet overwhelmed with a sense of your unworthiness. You were raised up and enabled to exercise confidence in him. Your heart embraced him. Doubt, fear, and unbelief fled; joy, peace, and gratitude filled your bosom. You felt Jesus to be precious, unspeakably precious to you. You could trust yourself, and your soul's salvation in his hand. You found rest. You enjoyed repose. You solemnly engaged to be his. To do his will. To copy his example. To wear his righteousness. To wash your robes and make them white in his blood.

You were consecrated to his service. Jesus was now yours, and you were his. You felt that you could withhold nothing from him, that you could do anything for him. You felt that you had a saving interest in Christ.

His blood was your peace.

His obedience was your justification.

His cross was jour glory.

His word was your rule.

His honor was your end.

Have you felt anything like this? Is the above your experience? If so, there is no doubt of your interest, and your life should be spent in his service, to his praise. If you are a stranger to the above beware, lest what you call faith, should prove presumption, and Jesus at last refuse to own you as his.

Reader, we must part. My work is done. Is your soul safe? Are you in Christ? We shall meet before the great white throne by-and-bye. In what character shall we meet? As believers, or unbelievers? As saved in the Lord with an everlasting salvation or as lost, and lost forever? This is a solemn inquiry. Do not, I beseech you, pass it by. You are saved by Christ, or you are not, which is it? You have received the gospel or rejected it. You have embraced Christ or refused him; which is it? You will perhaps bless God that you ever read this little book, or, you may curse the day you ever saw it; for it may be the means of your conversion or it may increase your condemnation. May God in his infinite mercy, accompany the reading of it with the power and demonstration of his Holy Spirit, that it may be a savor of life unto life in your experience!