The Glorious Builder

James Smith

The Bible, like God's heart is full of Christ. God never appears to be weary of speaking of, and commending his beloved Son. How glorious Jesus must be, thus to occupy the mind, and the thoughts of God! O that he may fill our minds, as he does his Father's!

Jesus is employed about all that is great, grand, and glorious. When God would have a world created Jesus was employed to create it. When God would have a temple erected for his habitation and glory Jesus is engaged to erect it. Hence we read, "He shall build the temple of the Lord, and he shall bear the glory." Zechariah 6:13.

THE GLORIOUS PERSON. He is called "the Branch" the figure being employed to represent him. The hidden root from which He sprung, is his divinity. His humble appearance is compared to a branch, his invaluable fruit is a temple for God, and the highest honor for men. He is glorious in the constitution of his person being God and man, in one Christ. He is glorious in his official character, as mediator and Savior the prophet, priest, and king of his church. He is glorious in his magnificent work, raising a temple for God, a temple worthy of God.

THE MAGNIFICENT BUILDING. It is a temple for God, where he will dwell, and display all his glorious perfections. A temple worthy of God, being spiritual, holy, and perfect. A temple approved by God, of which he says, "Here will I dwell, for I have desired it." A temple to be filled with God, and filled with God forever. It will be . .
beyond man's conceptions;
all its materials being full of spiritual life;
not subject to decay or change.

Jesus undertook the work in the everlasting covenant. He has the plan of the entire structure in his possession. He can command the resources as vast as they must be. He has laid the foundation, firm, strong, and immoveable. He is successfully carrying on the erection, notwithstanding opposition. He will not fail nor be discouraged until it is completed.

THE SATISFACTORY RESULT. "He shall bear the glory." He has the honor . . .
of procuring all the materials at an immense cost;
of preparing the materials with immense labor;
of superintending the entire erection appointing to each stone its place;
of preserving it from the attacks of foes, and the possibility of decay;
of perfecting it, so that it shall stand forth an amazing monument of his skill, his wealth, his perseverance, and faithfulness!

He shall bear the glory . . .
of its grandeur which is great;
of its perfection which is complete; and
of its architecture which is wonderful.

The glory of its purity and spirituality, and of its incomparable beauty will be ascribed to him. He shall have glory . . .
from God, who inhabits it;
from angels, who admire it;
and from men, who compose it.

His glory will be great, increasing, and eternal!

See then what Jesus is doing. He is raising a temple for Jehovah to inhabit forever.

See then what the church is. The temple of the living God, a consecrated habitation for the Most High.

See then what Christ will gain. Honor, glory, and renown, which he will enjoy and wear forever.

See then what the church will be. A monument of the Savior's wisdom, wealth, power, and perseverance. It will be a perfect temple, nothing redundant, no defect; nothing forgotten, or omitted, or to be desired. An incomparable temple, the wonder of the universe, the chief of the works of God, the finest production of his infinite mind!

See then of what we should make sure. That we form part of the material of this temple. That we are laid upon, and cemented to the foundation Christ. That we are in union with the different parts of the building. That our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit, and that God now dwells in us.

See then what we should seek. To bring glory to Jesus. To ascribe glory to him. All the glory of his Father's house belongs to him. Every believer should seek to live to the praise of his glory, and to exalt, extol, and magnify him, to the utmost of their power.

Beloved, what do you think of Christ? What do you know of Christ? Are you built by him into this spiritual temple? Do you catch the rays of his glory and reflect them upon others? Is it the desire, the endeavor, the delight of your soul to glorify Jesus, and to see and hear others glorify him? My soul cries out, O that I could glorify him ten thousand times more than I do more than any others do; glorify him as he richly and righteously deserves.

See, my soul, a structure rising
From the wreck of Adam's race;
'Midst ten thousand foes, despising,
'Tis the work of sovereign grace!
Blessed temple, here Jehovah shows his face.

By eternal love contrived,
Built with precious polished stones,
All its glory is derived
From the blood which there atones:
In this temple God himself our worship owns.

Here's the ark, the priest, and altar,
Incense, bread, and holy fire;
Sacrifice for each defaulter;
All that God and Heaven require;
Sacred temple, God and man your walls admire.

Oh my soul, are you united
To the temple of the Lord?
Then he is in you delighted,
And you shall his love record
In his temple be his holy name adored.