The Blessed of the Lord

James Smith, 1842

"You are the blessed of the Lord, who made Heaven and earth!" Psalm 115:15

The Word of God solemnly pronounces a curse upon all who violate the righteous commands of God, who live transgressing His precepts, and come short of absolute perfection. And as this is the case, the whole race of man, in a state of nature, are under the curse of God. And what does the curse of God entail upon those who are under it? Misery and disappointment at present and everlasting burnings at death. But is there no deliverance from this dreadful curse? Yes, Jesus Christ came into the world, and took the curse upon Himself, was hanged on a tree, laid in a sepulcher, expiated sin, endured divine wrath, and has become the able, suitable, and willing Savior of all who, under a sense of sin, seeking mercy, and desiring salvation flee unto Him.

But are not all mankind delivered from the curse, and brought under the blessing? No! All who are under the law, all who are seeking Heaven by works, all who are depending on their own performances are cursed still. Galatians 3:10. All are under the law by nature, all remain under the law while unconverted, and none are brought from under the law but by the gracious operation, divine communications, and sacred teachings of God the Holy Spirit.

At regeneration, a spiritual principle is implanted; in conversion this spiritual principle is drawn forth into act and exercise. In consequence of which, the sinner flies to Jesus, looks to Calvary, and pleads atoning blood. The Spirit applies the atonement, Jesus whispers peace, and God the Father appears a reconciled Friend. The curse is now removed, the blessing is realized by faith, and joy and peace follow. The soul can now read its title clear to mansions in the skies, claim its relationship to Jesus, and find in itself the evidences which are laid down in God's most holy word.

The man is now truly poor in spirit; he feels poverty, inability, and natural wretchedness. He mourns on account of . . .

his indwelling sin,

the hardness of heart which he experiences,

and the wandering of His mind from God.

He meekly submits to God's method of salvation, and embraces, receives, and enjoys it, as the gift of free grace, without desert or deserving. He hungers and thirsts after conformity to Jesus, the possession of His righteousness, and consistency of life, walk, and conversation. He is merciful, pitiful, and kind, in his dealings with mankind; he can pity, feel for, and assist others in their distresses, especially the household of faith. His heart and conscience are purged by precious blood. His desires go out after holiness, and he aims to walk uprightly. He is a son of peace, being called to it, he is in love with it, and strives for it. He enjoys peace with God, peace in his conscience, and seeks to make peace in his family, the world, and the church of God.

He will be persecuted for righteousness sake; the world will hate, oppose, and strive to injure him; but grace teaches him to bless the Lord, that unto him it is given, on the behalf of Christ, not only to believe but to suffer for His sake. He looks beyond present scenes, pities and prays for his enemies, and rejoices that great is his reward in Heaven. Matthew 5:3,12. The man that is blessed of God approaches to Jehovah as His Father, with freedom, boldness, and delight; to worship, adore, and praise. Psalm 44:4. He endures temptations from Satan, the world, and carnal professors of religion. James 1:12. He fears God with a child-like, affectionate, spiritual fear. Psalm 128:1. He knows the joyful sound of liberty, love, and salvation, proclaimed in the everlasting gospel.

He has an heartfelt, saving knowledge of Christ, in His person, work, and complete salvation. Matthew 16:17. He looks into the perfect law of liberty, and continues therein; is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work, and is blessed in his deeds. James 1:25. He knows and daily proves that His strength is in the Lord, and that His heart is set upon the portion, pleasures, and pursuits of those who are born of God. Psalm 84:5. He waits upon the Lord at His throne, at His gates, and in His ways; for answers to prayer, the light of His countenance, and His Father's promised blessing. Isaiah 30:18.

He trusts simply in Jesus as the only Savior, the King of Zion, and the Son of God. Psalm 2:12. He does His Lord's commandments with a single eye to His glory, under the teaching of the Spirit, in a child-like frame. Rev. 22:14. He is looking, desiring, and watching, for the second coming of His Lord; with holy longing, sweet anticipation, and joyful expectation. He is often . . .
harassed by temptation,
cast down on account of inward corruption,
distressed by cross providences,
and tried in a variety of ways.

But still he feels the promises of God as his support, communion with God as a source of consolation, and the grace of Jesus as sufficient for him.

In prayer he commits His way to the Lord, by faith he overcomes the world, and in the promised strength of the Lord, he surmounts his troubles; and finally becomes more than a conqueror through Him who loved him. He is a chosen, redeemed, called, sanctified, son of God; separate from the world, though living in the world; chosen out of the world, and in consequence thereof, differing from the world. He has an inheritance beyond the world; and is, therefore only traveling through the world to His Father's house above.

All such are blessed by the Lord, who made Heaven and earth. They are blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ. They have the promise of the life that now is, and of that which is come. They are . . .
secured from wrath,
entitled to Heaven,
and made fit for glory.

They dwell on high; their place of defense is the munition of rocks; their bread is given them, and their water is sure. They shall see the King in His beauty, and behold the land that is very far off. Their warfare is accomplished, their iniquity is pardoned, and Jehovah loves them with an everlasting love. They are formed for the Lord, and appointed to show forth His praise. They are saved in the Lord with an everlasting salvation; they shall not be ashamed not confounded, world without end.

All things work together for their good; all things are theirs; they are Christ's; and nothing shall by any means hurt them. No weapon that is formed against them shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against them in judgment they shall condemn. This is the heritage of the blessed of the Lord.

Reader, have YOU those evidences of being a blessed character? Remember, they are drawn from the word of God, which is the only infallible rule, and by which you will shortly be judged. And bear this in mind: You are either under the blessing or under the curse; and according to your state in this world will be your everlasting doom. My fellow-sinner, something like the above must be your experience, if ever you hear the Savior's voice, saying, "Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world!"

But if you are not made fit for, and privileged to hear that joyful welcome; then you must, (oh how dreadful!) you must hear Him say, "Depart from me, you who are cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and His angels!" The Lord forbid that this should be your case. Amen.