All Things Possible with God

James Smith, 1842

"With God all things are possible!" Matthew 19:26

The omnipotence of Jehovah is ruled by His wisdom and holiness, His justice and love. He can do everything consistent with those attributes but nothing contrary to them. God's omnipotence is altogether on the believer's side. All that God consistently can do He will do for His people. Nothing is too hard for the Lord. He can make us contented in the most trying circumstances and happy in the deepest affliction. He can so bring down our minds to our condition that we shall glory in tribulation; and in the midst of fiery persecution, triumph in Christ. He can turn darkness into light, and bitter into sweet; and bring the richest joy out of the deepest sorrow. The omnipotent God is your God! His omnipotence is engaged for you! And in consequence, all things are possible to you, through believing.

Do not dwell on your own weakness but on the Lord's strength. Do not think of difficulties call nothing impossible. "Is anything too hard for me? Do not I fill Heaven and earth, says the Lord?" David sings, "The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life of whom shall I be afraid? Though a host should encamp against me my heart shall not fear; though war should rise against me in this will I be confident."

Do not look at your difficulties but at the omnipotent God as engaged for you! Do not dwell on what you are called to suffer but on what God can enable you to suffer, and that with patience, resignation, and gratitude. He can make you a most patient and grateful sufferer and so mold your spirit to His will, as to cause you to prefer sickness to health, pain to ease, poverty to plenty, and disgrace to honor if He can but be glorified thereby. Yes, He can so fill you with His grace and Spirit, as you shall have no will but His; and no desire but that He may be glorified in you, by life or by death.

Do not look too much at what you are but at what your God can make you! Look at the Apostles and martyrs they endured as seeing Him who is invisible, and in the strength of God were more than a match for the rage of men, or the greatest tortures.

"Is it possible," you may say, "that I could be a child of God and yet be so tried, and feel so weak, and not feel the presence of God with me, though I am in trouble?" Oh yes, more than possible. You shall be held up, for God is able to make you stand. You are safe though not comfortable. The Lord is with you, though He does not shine upon you. He cannot leave you because of His faithfulness. He may conceal Himself from you because of His wisdom and love. His ways are in the sea, His paths in the mighty waters, and His footsteps are not known! It is possible for God to hold you fast in the most slippery path, when surrounded by the most determined foes, and feeling the greatest weakness and He will do so! None shall be able to pluck you out of His hand. It is possible for God to supply all your needs, in the most trying times; as He did Elijah by the ravens, and the poor widow by the increase of the oil and meal. And He will do so; only seek the Lord, trust in the Lord, leave difficulties with the Lord and you shall not lack any good thing. He will display His wisdom, sovereignty, pity, and power in dealing with you; and perhaps fill you with wonder, surprise, and love, at His ways.

All that God is He is to you!

All He has He has for you!

All He has promised He will fulfill in you!

Ever, ever remember that all things are possible to . . .
your God,
your Father,
your Savior,
and your Friend!

"I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength!" Philippians 4:13

Jesus, my Savior and my Lord!
'Tis good to trust your name;
Your power, your faithfulness, and love,
Will ever be the same!

What, though my griefs are not removed
  yet why should I despair?
While everlasting arms support,
I can the burden bear!

Weak as I am yet through your grace,
I all things can perform;
And triumph in your saving name,
Amid the raging storm!