O Sing unto the Lord a New Song!

by James Smith, 1860

Praise is lovely for the upright, and it befits the Lord's people to be thankful. God loves to be praised. He loves to hear us praise him, as it indicates . . .
that we have a due sense of our obligations,
that we value our mercies, and
are happy in our souls.

We have many psalms of praise written for us, and hymns of thanksgiving should constantly ascend from us. O for a heart to praise God! O for a warm, loving, grateful heart!

And now let me see if I can awaken gratitude in my soul, and raise a song of thanksgiving to my gracious God. Let me listen to the Psalmist, and try and unite with him. "O sing unto the Lord a new song; for he has done marvelous things; his right hand and his holy arm has gotten him the victory." Psalm 98:1.

"He has done marvelous things," and marvelous things for me.

He laid all my sins on his own beloved Son, and punished him that he might never punish me. How marvelous that the Son of God should take my place; and bear, expiate, and remove from the sight of God forever, all my sins! Jesus was treated as a sinner that I may be treated as a righteous person. And in consequence of my sins being laid on Jesus, and his righteousness being imputed to me I am justified, and declared righteous by the God of justice and holiness.

In addition to this, he entered the lists with Satan on my behalf, and he defeated, condemned, and fastened a chain on that monster so that he can never condemn, or do me any lasting injury.

He has also abolished death, given me everlasting life, and placed immortality in a clear light before me; so that heaven is now presented to my faith, as open to receive me whenever I fall asleep in him.

Not only so but he is gone himself into heaven as my Advocate, to confute my accusers, carry my cause, and secure to me an honorable reception there.

"With his right hand and holy arm," he . . .
rescued me from death,
delivered me from Satan,
brought me out of the world,
subdued my stubborn will,
broke my hard heart, and
made me a new creature!

In me, his omnipotent power and glorious majesty have been displayed. In me, Christ Jesus, as the Captain of salvation, has triumphed. In me, the Holy Spirit has displayed his sovereignty, and wrought wondrously, bringing me to know, love, and enjoy God as a covenant God in Christ. In me, the Lord has gotten himself the victory, every enemy has been subdued, and subdued by himself. Every power has been led captive, and brought into obedience unto Christ. He has gotten the victory, and it was glorious, triumphant, and complete. I shall grace his triumphs, share his honors, and eternally praise his name.

Let me therefore join with the Psalmist, and sing a new song. Sing, because he has done so much for me, and so much in me and all by his own power, to the glory of his own grace! He did all, unsought by me, unexpected by me, of his own free mercy and love. He has recorded his doings, put the record into my hands, and made the reading of it a blessing to my soul.

O for a new song for new mercies, for his mercies are new every morning! O for a daily song, for the daily discovery and enjoyment of his mercies! O for an angel's harp, a seraph's fire to sing aloud and sweetly unto the Lord!

Let me sing, because I see that it is the Father's delight to bless me!

Let me sing, for the Son has displayed his love to me in every possible way!

Let me sing, for the Holy Spirit takes a pleasure in making me holy and happy, and will make me most blessed for evermore.

O for grace to tune my heart, elevate my affections, and inspire my soul with gratitude and praise! Father of mercies, I will praise you, for you have done marvelous things, and marvelous things for me! Son of God, I will praise you, for you have done marvelous things, and marvelous things for me! Holy and ever blessed Spirit, I will praise you, for you have done, and are doing marvelous things, and marvelous things for me! Yes, while I live, will I praise the Lord; when I die, will I praise the Lord! On earth, in time, will I praise the Lord; and in heaven, through eternity, will I praise the Lord.