God's Hidden Ones

by James Smith, 1860

God's hidden ones are affected by hidden objects:

Their secret SINS affect them. Sins of the heart, which no eye sees, and which no one but God knows affect them painfully!

Secret FOES affect them which no one else fears, for they wrestle not merely against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Secret HONORS affect them which no one else desires, for they aspire to be the sons of God, to sit with Jesus on his throne, to wear a crown of glory which never fades away, and to walk with the Son of God in white as his worthy ones.

Secret ATTAINMENTS affect them which no one else seeks, for they seek to ascend the heights of holiness, and to sink into the depths of love.

But they are most affected by the INVISIBLE ONE, especially with his sovereignty, holiness, and love. As seeing him, they perform secret duties, bear secret trials, and seek secret things which are not seen, which are eternal.

Their names are written and hidden in God's book of life. Their life is hidden with Christ in God. Their persons are covered with the shadow of God's hand. They dwell in the secret place of the Most High. They are all glorious within, and they will appear in clothing of wrought gold.

Reader, are you one of God's hidden ones?

Have you their secret experience of sin and sorrow for it?

Have you their secret experience of holiness and ardent longings for it?

Have you their secret experience of trial and support under it?

Do you live in secret and habitual fellowship with God?

The world will see your works, whether good or bad, and they will judge by them; but God, looks at the heart, and you must judge by its habitual bent. The revealing day is coming, when God's hidden ones will be brought forth to the light how will it be with you then? Christ who is their life, will appear, and then will they also appear with him in glory; have you this prospect? All will have to appear before him but mark the difference, "some to everlasting life and some to shame and everlasting contempt!" In which rank will you stand? In which?