Christ a King!

by James Smith, 1860

The Lord Jesus has authority over all all things are put under his feet he is head over all things for the good of his Church. The Father says, "I have set my king on my holy hill of Zion." He has not yet received the throne of his father David but still he is king in his own Church, and rules over the world. Let us therefore daily look upon everything as under the direction, control, and management of Jesus. He rules by his power forever, and causes all things to work together for the good of his people.

Jesus as a king, is Powerful and Peaceful. Nothing can withstand his power, for he is omnipotent God Almighty. He meets with no difficulties but with perfect ease . . .
rules the elements,
controls his enemies,
and protects his friends.

But he is peaceable as well as powerful. He loves peace. He made peace for sinners at the expense of his own life. He preached peace to sinners, first in his own person, and then by his ambassadors. He gives peace to sinners when they believe his word, and trust in his most precious blood. He bequeathed peace to his followers, that they may be . . .
calm in tumult,
constant in trial, and
courageous in conflict.

Yes, when we keep the eye fixed on Jesus as powerful and peaceable, as ruling and reigning, as managing and directing all things we can . . .
live in peace,
enjoy calm repose, and
walk humbly with our God.

Jesus as a king, is Mild and Merciful. He is more the lamb, than the lion being meek and lowly of heart. There is no boisterous wrath, or blustering rage about him; but with calmness and quiet, with patience and long forbearance, he rules among the children of men, and especially so in his church. He can have compassion on the ignorant, and on those who are out of the way. He . . .
feels for our infirmities,
allows for our weaknesses, and
mercifully pardons our transgressions.

His heart is large and tender, his mercies are new every morning, and his compassions fail not. O what a privilege to have such a king! To be in the hand, and at the disposal of one so mild and merciful!

Jesus as a king, is Wise and Holy. In him dwells all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. He knows . . .
all that has occurred,
all that is now occurring,
and all that will occur!

And he has wisdom to manage all with perfect ease. He can . . .
direct the whole machinery of providence,
infallibly accomplish his purposes,
and fulfill his promises
all without the shadow of a failure!

He is as holy as he is wise. Nothing that is sinful can ever be sanctioned by him. He may permit it but it is only in order to overrule it, to promote the principles of holiness, and the rule of love. He is holy in all his works, and all his ways. His precepts are as holy than as his works, as the king of nations and the king of saints. O my soul, confide in the wisdom of Jesus, and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness!

Jesus as a king is Just and Righteous. Justice and righteousness are the foundation of his throne. He will exercise his adorable sovereignty but never at the expense of his justice. What he does is just. All that he sanctions is righteous. His salvation is as just as it is generous; as righteous as it is merciful. He holds the just balance, and administers justice to all who are under his government. And when he winds up the affairs of the present economy, every one will be constrained to admit his justice, if they do not admire his wisdom, or rejoice in his grace. He will never justify the wicked, or take away the righteousness of the righteous from him. Every man shall have his righteous due. No one shall ever have cause to complain that he has not been dealt with righteously.

My soul, is Jesus your king? Have you elected him to reign over you? Have you submitted yourself to him? Have you crowned him, Lord of all? If not, surrender at once, that he may . . .
save you by his grace,
sanctify you by his Spirit,
and rule you by his laws.

If you have yielded yourself to him, then be careful to render to him hearty, daily, and universal obedience; and rejoice that Jesus your Savior and your king, is at once . . .
powerful and peaceable;
mild and merciful;
wise and holy just and righteous!