Are You Safe?

James Smith, 1856

I mean, is your soul safe? Sin has placed us all in circumstances of imminent danger, because it has made us the enemies of God, it has provoked his wrath, and he has threatened in his Word to punish all obstinate sinners. As sinners we are in danger of sudden death, of eternal separation from God, and of sinking into that dreadful Hell prepared for the devil and his angels! This is the state of all who are out of Christ; for as there was no safety from the deluge in the days of Noah but in the ark, so now there is no safety from the dreadful wrath of God but in Christ!

Jesus is to the sinner now, what the ark was to Noah then. The world then did not believe the threatening of God, and therefore did not seek safety in the ark, and consequently perished: so sinners now do not believe the threatenings of God as recorded in his Word, and therefore it is that they do not seek safety in Jesus. There was only one ark then and all out of that ark were destroyed; and there is but one way of salvation now and that is by faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. It was not enough to hear of the ark, or to talk of the ark but those who would be safe, must enter into the ark. Just so, it is not enough to hear of Christ, or to talk of Christ but we must be united to Christ by a living faith.

When we believe what God has said in his Word respecting the person, obedience, sufferings, death, and intercession of Jesus we exercise confidence in him to save us from our sins, from Satan, and from the wrath of God. And when we exercise this confidence in Jesus, we become savingly interested in all that he did, entitled to all his promises, and admitted into fellowship with God. Our sins are pardoned. God is our Father. The Holy Spirit is our Teacher and Comforter. We are safe!

The law has been fulfilled for us.

Justice has been satisfied for us.

Satan has been conquered for us.

Jesus ever lives to make intercession for us.

The door of Heaven is opened to us.

God loves us with an infinite, tender, and constant love.

All things must work together for our good.

We are safe!

Safe in life.

Safe in death.

Safe at the judgment day.

Reader, are you safe? Do you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ? Are you placing your whole dependence on the finished work of Jesus? Do you love his person? Do you rely on his atoning blood? Do you plead his precious name for your acceptance with God? Do you renounce your own works, your tears, your prayers, your feelings, your all before God, and trust in Jesus alone? Do you endeavor to obey his precepts, aiming simply at his glory? If so you are safe: and the proof is, you hate all sin and pant for holiness!