The Safeguard!

James Smith, 1865

"When I see the blood I will pass over you." Exodus 12:13

The time for Israel's deliverance from Egypt had now arrived. God was faithful to his word. But while he fulfils his promise, he instructs his people; and through them, he instructs his church in all ages. The first-born of Egypt are to be destroyed; but how shall Israel escape? A lamb was to be selected, separated, and slain; his blood was to be caught in a basin, and to be sprinkled on the sideposts and lintels of their doors; and God said, "When I see the blood I will pass over you."

Blood! there is something repulsive in blood. Who can look upon it without a shudder? Yet blood is to be the means of Israel's safety. Beloved, God speaks to us. "Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us." His blood is the blood of the new covenant. It cleanses from all sin, and it secures all it cleanses. Let us look at:

This attractive OBJECT. Justice demands blood. God acknowledges the equity of the demand. But if the sinner bleeds his blood can make no atonement; if, therefore, he dies his unatoned guilt demands that he suffer the second death never-ending punishment. But the blood of Jesus attracts the eye of Divine Justice, meets all its claims, and satisfies all its demands. Precious blood! It is the blood of the Lamb, who takes away the sin of the world.

The Lamb of God the accepted substitute for man!

The Lamb of God slain in the sinner's stead!

The Lamb of God who becomes the food of all for whom he was slain.

His blood is our safety. Sprinkled upon the door no enemy could pass through to harm us. Sprinkled upon the door we are certainly and eternally safe! Our safety is not in the door, however strong; nor in the lock, however intricate; nor in the bolts, however numerous; but in the blood! No blood on the door no safety for the inhabitants within. No blood on the conscience no safety from the messenger of death.

Oh, reader, see to it that the blood of Christ is your confidence! See to it that the blood of Christ is sprinkled on your soul! For God requires application of the blood. It was not enough that the Lamb was slain, roasted, and eaten, or that his blood was in the basin in the house. It must be on the door-posts and lintels. Nor is it enough for us that Jesus died it must be applied to us.

God looks for the blood. Every Israelite had blood on his door. God looked on every door and saw it, and then he passed over. My dear friend, God looks upon your heart, upon your conscience; but does he see the blood the blood of his own dear Son there? If he does, he is satisfied, he is reconciled to you; but if there is no blood, there is no satisfaction, no reconciliation, no peace. He will accept of none of your sacrifices, however costly; he will hear none of your prayers, however earnest; he will regard none of your sufferings, however painful; he will receive none of your services, however scriptural in outward form, if they are intended to be a substitute for the blood. You may give all the substance of your house you may pray until your knees become like camels' hoofs you may inflict sufferings upon yourself until nature faints under them you may perform religious services without number and without end but except the blood of Christ is applied to you all is in vain.

God is fully satisfied with the blood of his dear Son, and he is fully satisfied with every one that places his dependence on it; but he is satisfied with nothing without this.

Oh, see to it, then, that your reliance is on the blood of Jesus alone! If any Israelite had substituted anything for the blood on the door, however costly, however beautiful, or however apparently reasonable he must have perished; the destroying angel would not have passed over him. Trust, then, in the blood of Jesus alone, and see

The beneficial RESULT. There was danger, for the angel of justice was going through the land. There was danger of violent death. Just so now, we are all in danger as sinners in danger of the second death. But when the blood was sprinkled there was safety perfect safety. So now, when the blood of Jesus is sprinkled on our consciences we are safe eternally safe. God is then satisfied for the law has received all that it demands. He is pleased for justice unites with mercy in our salvation. He is pledged to secure us, for his word is passed, and he is faithful to that word, he says of all on whom be sees the blood. "They shall never perish! No weapon formed against them shall prosper. They shall be saved in the Lord with an everlasting salvation; they shall not be ashamed or confounded, world without end." The blood-sprinkled Israelite is safe, distinguished, and happy; for when God sees the blood he passes over him.

See then, beloved, first, What we all need of the blood, the precious blood of Jesus; for it is the blood alone which makes atonement for the soul. In Jesus we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of our sins.

See, secondly, To what we should all look to the blood.

Do you need pardon? Look to the blood!

Do you need peace? Look to the blood!

Do you need victory over Satan? Look to the blood!

Do you need perfect safety in life and death? Then look to the blood!

See, thirdly, In what we should all trust in the blood. Not in our convictions, not in our comforts, not in our prayers, not in our sufferings; but in the blood of Jesus alone should we trust, for access to God, acceptance with God, and safety from God.

See, fourthly, Of what we should boast the blood. "God forbid," exclaimed the Apostle, "God forbid that I should boast, except in the cross of my Lord Jesus Christ." "God forbid," exclaims every true believer, "God forbid that I should boast of anything, except the glorious person, perfect work, and precious blood of my Lord Jesus Christ."

See, fifthly, What we should teach the blood. In the pulpit, in the Sunday-school, and in the social circle we should teach all to look to, trust in, and place entire dependence on the blood of Jesus alone. Whether we speak, or whether we write, we should constantly say,
"Not the crucifix but the cross;
not Mary but Jesus;
not men's works but a Savior's precious blood."

See, finally, Of what we should beware
of neglecting the blood of Jesus,
of substituting anything for the blood of Jesus,
of mixing anything with the blood of Jesus, or
of thinking lightly of the blood of Jesus.

It is precious blood! It is invaluable blood! Without it, no sinner can be saved; with it, any sinner may. Oh, my soul,
on this blood;
nothing before God but this blood;
nothing as the ground of acceptance with God but this blood;
on nothing for comfort or salvation but this blood;
to nothing for peace in life or in death but this precious, precious blood!

"When I see the blood I will pass over you." Exodus 12:13