Being Him unto Me!

James Smith, 1861

"Bring him unto Me." Mark 9:19

The life of Jesus is full of instructive incidents. What part of it can we read without deriving encouragement, counsel, or instruction from it. When our Lord was on the mount of transfiguration, a man brought his son to the disciples to be healed but the devil was too strong for them, and would not obey their command. When Jesus came down, he complained of their unbelief, and said, "Bring him unto Me." He was brought, and healed, and all were instructed. The subject is full of profitable and important instruction for us.

Here Is a Mistake Corrected. We often try to do without Jesus. The child was brought to the disciples, not to Jesus. So we bring our children to the means, not directly to Christ. We try to bear our sorrows, carry our crosses, master our difficulties, and overcome our troubles without bringing them to Jesus, or calling upon him for help. We go to others before Jesus. We ought in all things to go to Jesus first. We think over the subject, draw plans, and make efforts; we go to others for counsel and assistance, whereas we ought to go directly to Jesus, spread the matter before him, ask counsel of him, and entreat him to appear for us.

We keep many things from Jesus. But we ought to carry everything to Jesus. Whatever affects us, interests him, and he wishes to hear of it from us. Everything should be turned into prayer or praise. All should be laid before the Lord, that he may bless it, remove it, or sanctify it to us, as the case may require. Never, in the future, let us try to do without Jesus. In any place, or under any circumstances never let us go to others before him nor keep anything from Jesus but let us employ him always, go to him first with everything, and carry all that concerns us, whether temporal or spiritual, to him.

Here Is a Direction Given. "Bring him unto me." Jesus had a full consciousness of his ability to do whatever may be required of him, and he expresses a readiness to help in time of need.

Have you an enemy a powerful, malicious, cruel enemy? Bring him to Jesus! The disciples may not be able to conquer him for you but Jesus can. He can curb, restrain, or convert the foe into a friend. Put therefore your enemy into the hand of Jesus, and endeavor to leave him there.

Have you a child, or a relative, for whose conversion or welfare you are especially concerned? Bring him to Jesus! You may have tried all means in vain. Books, sermons, expostulations, yes, tears may have been tried in vain. Now bring him to Jesus he can cast out the devil, he can change the heart, he can transform him into a new creature.

Have you a peculiar trial, a sore, heavy, almost overwhelming trial? Bring it to Jesus! He can give you wisdom to manage it, and to improve it; and he can make it one of the greatest blessings of your life. He will throw light upon it, enable you to derive advantage from it, and very likely lead you to praise and bless God for it.

Have you prosperity, either temporal or spiritual? Bring it to Jesus, you need his blessing now more than ever. Never are we in so great danger as in prosperity. Never do we so much need the grace and presence of Jesus as when all things appear to go well with us.

Bring your foes to Jesus, bring your family to Jesus, bring your troubles to Jesus, and bring your prosperity to Jesus yes, bring everything to Jesus, so will you prevent evil and secure good.

Bring it by prayer, and let your prayers be as simple as possible; let them be the simple telling the Lord all that you feel, fear, wish, or desire. Lay all out before him, just as the loving, confiding child, opens the whole heart to its kind and affectionate parent.

Bring it in faith, believing what Jesus says, and trusting in Jesus to make good his word. He loves to be trusted, and to the simple-hearted, confiding Christian, he never says, Nay.

Bring your foes in faith and prayer that he may conquer them. Bring your children and friends that he may convert them. Bring your troubles and trials that he may sanctify them, and deliver you out of them. Bring all to Jesus that troubles, tries, or interests you and bring the whole to him with perseverance.

If anyone was to ask, "How many times shall I bring anything to Jesus, before I give it up as a hopeless case? Seven times?" We should be ready to use our Lord's words upon another occasion. "I say not unto you, until seven times but until seventy times seven." While the trial lasts, the trouble continues, or until the blessing is granted bring it unto Jesus.

Above all, bring yourself to Jesus, if you have not come at all, come at once, and seek salvation from him. If you have come before, come again, and come daily, hourly to Jesus that he may fulfill in you all the good pleasure of his goodness, and the work of faith with power.

Come to Jesus with all whether pleasant or painful.

Come to Jesus for all whether temporal or spiritual.

Come to Jesus notwithstanding all let what will, work within you, or without you, or endeavor to stop up your path force your way through all, and come to Jesus. Fears may beset you, temptations may be in the way, and unbelief may work to deter you but press through all to Jesus. Take everything, even the most minute matters to Jesus, he will manage them for you, bless them to you, and make all things work together for your good.

Reader, does anyone at the present hinder you? Jesus says, "Bring him unto me!" Does anything just now trouble you? Jesus says, "Bring it unto me!" Does a son or a daughter, wife or husband, any relative or friend, cause you pain, and are you distressed for them, or by them? Jesus says, "Bring them unto me!"

O for grace to take every thing to Jesus, to cast every care on Jesus, to entrust all we value to Jesus! May we live in daily fellowship with him, and may a source of communion and fellowship with him be opened for us day by day, and hour by hour!

Precious Lord Jesus, we do bless and praise your dear and adorable name, for inviting, yes commanding us, to bring all our concerns to you. Teach us to live by faith on you, walking in fellowship with you, and daily making use of you for all the purposes of life and godliness!