"To Him Shall Men Come." Isaiah 45:24

James Smith, 1860

The Lord Jesus is to be the center of attraction, and the fountain of blessing to our world. It pleased the Father, that in him should all fullness dwell. He has therefore, all that is great, good, and useful in himself. As the incarnate God he reveals Jehovah as merciful and gracious yet just and holy. As King in Zion he publishes pardon for rebels, and entreats them to be reconciled to God through him. As the promised Shiloh he gathers around him from all quarters, those who have cast off the yoke of God, and publishes peace to them through his own blood. As a great, gracious, and generous friend he receives sinners, and becomes their fast and faithful friend forever.

He invites all who will to come to him for all they wish or need; he promises to receive graciously, love freely, and bless eternally all who come; and all comers are treated kindly, heard patiently, and saved eternally.

It is a great thing to come to Jesus, for the mind of man is naturally averse to it, and would rather perish in sin, than come to Christ and be saved. It requires therefore the power, operation, and constraining influence of the Holy Spirit, to bring anyone to Christ. All therefore, who come to Jesus, come out of sheer necessity; for the teachings of the Spirit, give them such a sense of sin, misery, and condemnation that they dare not stay away. The drawings of the Father, sweetly attract them, while a sense of sin and danger impels them, and therefore they come most willingly, though they come from necessity. Believing the word of the gospel, feeling their need of the blessings, and desiring to be made holy and happy, they come. With prayer and supplication they approach him, and persevere in pleading with him, until they obtain mercy, and find grace to help them.

They come to him, to obtain the pardon of all their sins, through his most precious blood; to be justified from all things, and forever, through his glorious righteousness; to be sanctified thoroughly, and made fit for heaven, by his most Holy Spirit; to be strengthened to perform duties, endure trials, and run the race set before them. They come to him in one word to be saved fully, freely, and forever. And having once come to Jesus, they will continue to come for all that they need, both for life and godliness. They see more and more clearly, that all they need is in Jesus; that they are welcome to it, yes, that God desires them to have it; and therefore they come to him for all they need, with all that troubles them, and notwithstanding all that would keep them away.

Reader, have you come to Jesus? You must come to him, either on the throne of grace to be saved or on the throne of justice to be judged. If you come to Jesus now, if you come just as you are, if you come to be delivered from the wrath to come he will receive you, save you, and make you happy in his own love. Come, then to Jesus, without delay. He still invites you. His Spirit and his Bride say to you, "Come!" Come then, nor doubt of acceptance. Come, nor leave his feet, until you enjoy salvation. Come, and you will be prepared for all the trials of life, the solemnities of death, and the glories of eternity. Come, O come to Jesus no longer dare delay.

But if you will not come to him now, that you might have life; you will have to be brought up before him, to receive the sentence of death, eternal death, and then he will say to you, "Depart from me you cursed one into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels!" Do not provoke his wrath. Do not trifle with his mercy. Do not risk the danger of such a doom. But while the door of mercy is open, while the Lord waits to be gracious, while life lasts and the opportunity is afforded you come to Jesus. Acting thus you will secure his welcome at last, and the invitation, "Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world!"