BY John MacDuff, 1885

Prayer in a national calamity--such as plague, pestilence, famine, or war

Holy father, You are now seeing fit—in Your adorable providence, to read aloud to us, as a nation, solemn lessons of rebuke and judgment. We acknowledge anew that our sins are the fruitful cause of national calamities. Instead of wondering at these vials of Your wrath, we have rather reason to wonder and be amazed that You have forborne so long--that You have been so slow to deal out merited retribution. Lord, listen to our fervent suppiications for Your returning favor; avert further calamity. Let us fall into the hands of God--for great are His mercies. Do say to the destroying angel, as He is even now hovering around us, "It is enough, stay now your hand." May this national chastisement lead to national repentance. May we come forth from the furnace purified as gold--vessels of glory more and more fit for the Master's use.

We commend ourselves and all belonging to us to Your care and keeping--never leave and never forsake us; and all that we ask or hope for, is in the name and for the sake of Jesus Christ, our blessed Lord and Savior. Amen.