Psalm 117

This Psalm is brief, but who can estimate its unbounded preciousness? It was given by inspiration of God. May the Spirit use it to invigorate our grace!

1. "O praise the Lord, all you nations; praise Him, all you people."

Warm desire should swell in every heart that due praise to God should be as the surrounding atmosphere. Throughout the world no creature lives who is not daily laden with blessings from the Creator's hand. Sad it is that the blinded eye sees not the gracious Giver, and the silent lips give no acknowledgment. This thought should quicken missionary zeal. Warm should be our efforts to send the messengers of truth throughout the length and breadth of earth. The constant desire should be to tell of God's love in Jesus, and to invite to the cross. Hearty praise will then sound loudly from ransomed souls.

2. "For His merciful kindness is great toward us and the truth of the Lord endures forever. Praise the Lord."

The merciful kindness of the Lord is a boundless theme. We see it inscribed on all the works of creation. We see it shining in the glories of redemption. What could have been done more for His people that the Lord has not done for us? The great God, even Jesus, is our full salvation. There is pardon in His precious blood for every sin. There is a covering robe in His righteousness for every transgression. There is sanctification and renewal in His Spirit for our cold hearts. The cup of grace, of mercy, and of love truly overflows. It could scarcely hold another drop. The promises of the covenant are all yes and amen in Christ. Could God give more? Let, then, our grateful cry ever swell, Praise the Lord.