[The writer only desires that these prayers should be a guide and help. Every true Christian woman must learn to tell her own particular sins and wants and sorrows to our Heavenly Father, in her own words and by the teaching of His Spirit. George Everard]

A Morning Prayer for Every Day

O Lord, my Heavenly Father, I bless You for Your care over me during the past night. Keep me this day from all danger. Keep me from all sin and temptation. Waken my heart to think of You and to love You. Oh, fill me with Your loving Spirit! Cleanse my thoughts from everything defiling. Make me watchful over my words. Give me the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit. May I see Jesus ever near me. O good Shepherd, lead me and guide through this troublesome world! Let me cast all my care on You! Let me trust only in Your precious blood, and in Your perfect righteousness! Plead my cause, and send me grace to help in time of need. Feed me evermore with the Bread of life! Nourish my soul with the promises of Your Word. Strengthen me for my daily work, and bring me at last to the mansions of the Father's house.

O Father, bless all those who dwell in this house! Bless all whom I love with Your favor on earth, and with Your presence in Heaven. Grant this for Your dear Son's sake, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.


An Evening Prayer for Every Day

O God, I come to You tonight. I am not worthy to come, for I have sinned against You.

I have been ungrateful for Your mercies. I have lived too much for myself. I have done the things I ought not to have done and I have left undone the things I ought to have done. But I come to you for pardon. Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. Let the death of Jesus answer for all my guilt. For His sake, O Lord, heal my backslidings, and love me freely! May I never more offend and displease You! Make me watchful over all I say and do. Cleanse the thoughts of my heart by Your Holy Spirit. Make me as holy as You are holy!

Teach me to remember how short my time is! Every night I am nearer my grave. May I be nearer to You, and nearer to Heaven. Make me live for eternity! Fill me with earnest desires after You and Your kingdom! Make me anxious to do good to others!

O God, my Heavenly Father, bless me tonight! May I lie down in peace! May my last thoughts be of You, and of Your love!

Bless all who live under this roof! Pour upon all who live here the dew of Your Spirit. May we all be prepared to live with You forever in Your kingdom. Hear me, O my Father, for Jesus Christ's sake, my only Savior and Advocate. Amen.