Can you believe it?

Spurgeon, "Love and I" John 17:26. #1667

Can you believe it
, that you should
be the object of God's delight! That
you should be the object of the
Father's love us truly as Christ is!

Do not tell me that God the Father
does not love you as well as he does
Christ. The point can be settled by the
grandest matter of fact that ever was.

When there was a choice between
Christ and his people which should
die of the two, the Father freely
delivered up his own Son that we
might live through him.

See the amazing sacrifice which the
Father made in giving Jesus to us.

Think what it cost him to tear his Well
Beloved from his bosom and send him
down below to be despised and rejected.

Think what it cost him to nail him up
to yonder cross, and then forsake him
and hide his face from him, because
he had laid all our sins upon him.

Oh, the love he must have had to us
thus to have made his best Beloved
to become a curse for us, as it is written,
'Cursed is everyone that hangs on a tree.'

I want you to get this right into your
souls, dear friends. Do not hold it as a
dry doctrine, but let it touch your heart.

The Lord Jesus died that we might be
borne onward forever by the mighty
sweep of infinite love into an everlasting
blessedness which tongues and lips
can never fully set forth.

Oh, be ravished with this!

Be carried away with it!

Be in ecstasy at love so amazing,
so divine: the Father loves you
even as he loves his Son!

Can you believe it!

Oh, if the love of the Father to Christ
once enters into a man's soul
it will change him;
it will sway him with the noblest passion;
it will make him a zealot for Christ;
it will cast out his selfishness;
it will change him into the image of Christ,
and fit him to dwell in heaven where love
is perfected.