Take care of your home duties!

Spurgeon's sermon- "Christ's People- Imitators of Him"

But, most of all, take care to have
true religion in your 'homes'.

A religious home is the best proof of true piety.

It is not my chapel, it is my house; it is not my minister,
it is my "home-companion" who can best judge me.

It is the servant, the child, the wife, the friend,
that can discern most of my real character.

A Christian man will improve his household.

Rowland Hill once said, he would not believe a man to be
a true Christian if his wife, his children, the servants,
and even the dog and cat, were not the better for it!
That is being truly religious.

If your household is not the better for your Christianity-
if men cannot say, "This is a better house than others,"
then do not be deceived- you have nothing of the grace of
God. Surely, Christian men will not act in that way.
No! Carry out your godliness in your family.
Let everyone say that you have "practical religion".
Let it be known and read in the house, as well as in the

Take care of your character at home;
for what we are there, we really are.

Our life abroad is often but a borrowed part-
the actor's part of a great scene,
but at home the wizard is removed,
and men are what they seem.

Take care of your home duties!