Are You Prepared to Die?

From Spurgeon's sermon, "Are You Prepared to Die?"

As the bridegroom longs for the marriage day, and as the
bride waits until she is joined unto her husband in wedlock,
even so our spirits wait for God.

As the exile pants to be delivered,
and the galley-slave to be separated from his oar,
so wait we to be set free for glory and immortality.

As she that mourns her absent husband pines for his return,
as the child longs to reach his father's house
and to see his father's face, so do we.

We will bid adieu to dear ones-
they shall have the tears, but we shall have the joy,
for we go to the islands of the blest,
the land of the hereafter,
the home of the sanctified,
to dwell with God for ages.