Effectual Calling springs from the divine
purpose, and is wrought by divine energy.
There must be a supernatural work, or
you cannot be saved.

Many find that to be a Christian they must
give up many of the things they love, and
like Lot's wife, they look back and perish.
They go back to the city of destruction.

Then the Lord told Abram, "Leave your country,
your relatives, and your father's house, and go
to the land that I will show you." Genesis 12:1

The effectual call, wherever it comes to a
man, is a separating sword, cutting him off
from old associations.

It makes him feel that this world is not his
country. He lives in it as a stranger lives in
a foreign land. He is in the world, but he is
not of it. His citizenship is in heaven.
He becomes a citizen of another city,
and an alien in these cities of earth.

The very essence of
the Christian faith is
separateness from
the world!

For Christ's sake the Christian man is
henceforth obliged to be separated in
many respects from those of his family
and friends that remain in their sins.

They are living according to the flesh.
They are seeking this world.
Their pleasure is here.
Their comfort below the skies.

The man who is called by grace lives
in the same house, but lives not under
the influence of the same motives,
nor is he ruled by the same desires.

He is so different from others that very
soon they find him out; and, as Ishmael
mocked Isaac, so the sons of the world
mock at the child of God. "A man's enemies
shall be those of his own household."

It is no child's play to be a Christian!

To try to be a worldly Christian
or a Christian worldling, is to
attempt an impossible thing!

"You cannot serve God and mammon."

Whatever it may cost you, if you are truly
called by grace, come out and leave all behind.
We must always unhesitatingly follow the
guidance of our heavenly Father. It is through
much tribulation that we inherit the kingdom.

Brethren, behold the crown which is held forth
to you! It is no other than everlasting life!
Behold your reward! It is the city whose gates
are pearls, and whose streets are gold.
Your unrivaled portion is ineffable bliss, to be
with Christ, to dwell with him in ecstatic bliss,
world without end. You have everything to gain,
and that which you have to lose compared with
it, is less than nothing. The present light affliction
incident to a godly life is not worthy to be compared
with the glory which shall be revealed in you.

The above is from Spurgeon's sermon, "Effectual Calling:
Illustrated by the Call of Abram" #843. Genesis 12:5.