What have you done for Christ?

From Spurgeon's sermon, "WOMAN'S MEMORIAL"

Imagine your Savior, who has bought you with
his blood, standing in this pulpit for a moment.
He lifts up his hands, once torn with the nails,
he exposes to you his side, pierced with a spear.
Now picture him. He puts to each one of you the question--
"I suffered all this for you, what have you ever done for me?"

Answer him now! Like honest followers of the Lamb of God,
look back and see what you have ever done. You have gone up,
you say, to his house. Was not that for your own profit? Did you
do it for him? You have contributed to his cause. Ah! you have,
and some of you have done well in this thing; but think, how
much have you given in proportion to what God has given to you?

What have you done for Christ?

Jesus asks you, "What have you done for me in the past three
years?" He says, "I wrought out your redemption in three years
of agony, of toil, of suffering, I bought you with my blood;
what have you done for me in these ten, twenty, thirty years,
since you knew my love, and tasted of my power to save?"

Cover your faces, my friends, cover your faces.

Let each man among us do so. Let us blush and weep.

Lord Jesus! there was never such a friend as you are;
but never were there such unfriendly ones as we are.

Christ has some of the most ungrateful followers
that man ever had. We have done little.

If we have done much, we have really only done little.

But some of you have done nothing at all for Christ.

That question answered, there comes another.
I beseech you, let the vision of that crucified One stand before
you. He says to you this morning, "What WILL you do for me.
Putting aside the past -- you have wept over that, and blushed,
--what will you do for me NOW?"

Will you not now think of something that you can give him,
something that you can do for him, something you can
consecrate to him?

Come, you Marys, bring out your alabaster box!

Come, come, you followers of Christ! Need I press you?
Surely, if you needed it, my pressing would be in vain.
But no; instinctively inspired by the Holy Spirit,
each of you will say--
"Lord Jesus, from this day forth I desire to serve you
better; but, Lord, tell me what you would have me to do."

He does tell you now. I do not know what it is.
The Spirit shall tell that to each one among you.
But I do entreat you think not about it, but DO it.