What Have I Done?

From Spurgeon's sermon, "What Have I Done?"

What have you done for him who died
to save your wretched soul?

What have you done for his church?

What have you done for the salvation of the world?

What have you done to promote your
own spiritual growth in grace?

Ah! I might hit some of you that are true Christians
very hard here; but I will leave you with your God.
God will chastise his own children.

I will, however, put a pointed question to you--
Are there not many Christians who cannot recollect that they
have been the means of the salvation of one soul during this

Come, now; look back.
Have you any reason to believe that directly or indirectly you
have been made the means this year of the salvation of a soul?

I will go further.

There are some of you who are older Christians,
and I will ask you this question:
Have you any reason to believe that ever since
you were converted you have ever been the means
of the salvation of a soul?

It was reckoned in the East, in the time of the patriarchs,
to be a disgrace to a woman if she had no children.
And yet, there are some of you here that have been spiritually
barren, and have never brought one convert to Christ.

You have not one star in your crown of glory,
and must wear a starless crown in heaven.

Oh! How many have you brought during this year?

Come, Christian, what have you done?

Alas! alas! you have not been barren fig-trees,
but still your fruit is such that it cannot be seen.

You may be alive unto God, but how many of you have
been very unprofitable and exceedingly unfruitful?