Communion with God

by Spurgeon

"All my fountains are in you," said David. If you have all your
fountains in God, your heart will be completely full. If you went
to the foot of Calvary, there will your heart be bathed in love and
gratitude. If you often go to your place of seclusion, and there
talk with your God, it is there that your heart will be full of calm
determination. If you go out with the Master to Mount Olivet,
and looked down with Him on a wicked Jerusalem, and weep
over it with Him, then will your heart be full of love for eternal
souls. If you continually draw your stimulus, your life, the whole
of your being from the Holy Spirit, without whom you can do
nothing, and if you live in close communion with Christ, there will
be no fear of you having a cold heart.

He who lives without prayer- he who lives with little prayer- he
who seldom reads the Word- he who seldom looks up to
heaven for a fresh influence from on high- he will be the man
whose heart will become cold and barren; but he who calls in
secret to his God- who spends much time in holy seclusion- who
delights to meditate on the words of the Most High- whose soul
is given up to Christ- who delights in his fullness, rejoices in his
all-sufficiency, prays for his second coming, and delights in the
thought of his glorious return-- such a man, I say, must have an
overflowing heart; and as his heart is, so will be his life. It will
be a full life; it will be a life that will speak from the grave, and
reverberate into the future. "Above all else, guard your heart, for
it is the wellspring of life," and plead with the Holy Spirit to keep
it full; otherwise, the outcome of your life will be feeble, shallow,
and superficial; and you might as well not have lived at all.