-Spurgeon, "The Beloved Pastor's Plea for Unity"

You see that the men of this world are coming this way in a
great crowd, all in a hurry, rushing after their gods.

And we believers, what are we doing?

Threading our way, as best we can, pushing our way 'against'
the stream, going in an exactly opposite direction to the rest
of mankind.

Some of you cannot do this- you keep getting carried off
your legs, and you are swept along by the torrent.

But the man of God must go against the current.
He is not to be swept back- but he is always pressing
forward, ever seeking to make an advance, contending for
every inch, and making up his mind that, come what may, he
cannot go back.
That is not his way- he must go forward,
ever pressing on toward the city that has foundations.

Christians are like a live fish that goes up the stream,
always 'up' the stream.

If the fish comes 'down' the stream,
and you see it floating with its white belly on
the top of the water, you know that it is dead.

But the live Christian is going straight up the stream-
straight up, up, up.

Whichever way the tide may be running,
whether it is at the ebb or at the flood,
he is going straight up the stream, against the flow.

And, God helping him, he will proceed
in that way right to the end.